Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point Destination to Open Summer 2024

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Disney Cruise Line has announced that its new island destination at Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera will open for select sailings in the summer of 2024. The company has worked closely with local artists and advisors to create an island retreat that celebrates the culture of the Bahamas while offering the quality and service of a Disney vacation.

“At Disney Cruise Line, we deeply value the Bahamian community and our shared values ​​of storytelling and hospitality,” said Sharon Siskie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Disney Cruise Line. “The opening of Lighthouse Point will allow visitors from around the world to experience the magic of the Bahamas in a new and unique way that truly celebrates its natural and cultural beauty.”

Upon arrival at Lighthouse Point, guests will be greeted by bold, saturated hues and distinctive, sweeping architecture inspired by nature and created in partnership with local artists. The curvilinear buildings will look like Bahamian seashells scattered along the shore. Upon closer inspection, guests will discover the artistic expressions of native Bahamian flora and fauna, as well as the pageantry and history of the Junkanoo parades. Playful folk characters throughout the destination will evoke the warmth and charm of local culture.

The new Lighthouse Point destination in Eleuthera, created by Disney Cruise Line, will meet at least 90% of its electricity needs from an on-site solar panel. The jetty has been designed to avoid the need for dredging, and raised walkways will minimize the impact on the landscape.

“Our goal has always been to create designs that organically accentuate the extraordinary natural beauty of Lighthouse Point,” said Kevin Thomas, Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering. “We focus on sustainable low-density development that protects and preserves the environment, allowing the site’s biodiversity to shine.”

Lighthouse Point will offer families a range of activities for all age groups, including relaxing on pristine beaches, embarking on active adventures and experiencing Bahamian storytelling with favorite Disney Characters. A Bahamian Art and Culture Pavilion featuring special programs and local artists will also offer visitors the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the traditions and natural beauty of the Bahamas.

The plan for Lighthouse Point is to develop just 16% of the area, with more than 190 acres to be donated by Disney to the government and people of the Bahamas. Citizens and residents of The Bahamas will have full access to the property for non-commercial purposes.

Visitors to Lighthouse Point will have the opportunity to explore the rich culture and breathtaking beauty of Eleuthera through a collection of new port adventures developed in partnership with local tour operators. Plus, they’ll have the chance to learn about conservation efforts to preserve wildlife and their unique island habitats.

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Carnival Cruise Line Suspicious death Find out here! The talks today

According to Carnival Cruise Line, the passenger who died aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship over the weekend likely died naturally.

According to CBS News and NBC, the cruise line said Tuesday that “all indications indicate that the woman died of a medical condition while aboard the Carnival Sunshine in the Bahamas.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), previously called the February 27 death “suspicious.”

Carnival said on Tuesday that “it appears that this was indeed an unfortunate medical situation which unfortunately resulted in the death of one guest,” according to reports.

PEOPLE did not receive a response from the cruise line to our request for comment.

1 dead body pulled out of water after twins, 13 and 14, went missing while swimming at Texas Beach

According to the statement from the FBI Columbia field office, the victim was found unconscious while Carnival Sunshine was sailing to Nassau last Monday.

According to the FBI, medical personnel and crew attempted to revive the woman. The victim was later pronounced dead aboard the ship.

According to the cruise line, the Sunshine will return to Charleston, SC on Saturday.

Carnival said it believed the initial response to a medical emergency was appropriate, according to reports.

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FBI officials said the death posed no threat to other passengers and was an isolated incident.

After the ship returned to Charleston, the FBI Response Team examined the passenger room.

“The deceased and her husband were disembarked in Nassau,” a Carnival spokesperson told PEOPLE. “Bahamian authorities have already reviewed the circumstances and are conducting an autopsy.”

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Cruise stocks set for ‘productive’ year as pent-up demand unfolds: analyst

James Hardiman, an analyst at Citi Leisure and Travel, examines travel demand trends related to cruise lines and their growth prospects in the leisure and travel industry.

video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: This week we learned that President Biden intends to end the national and public health emergencies of COVID-19 on May 11. With the pandemic firmly in the rearview mirror, or awake in this case, is it time for the cruise industry to complete this slow turnaround? James Hardiman, leisure and travel analyst at Citi, said it could be a great year for the industry. Nice to see you, sir. Why do you say that?

JAMES HARDIMAN: Yeah, I mean, I think if you think about the rest of the economy, certainly the rest of the consumer space, everybody came out of the pandemic years ago, isn’t- it not? It wasn’t as easy for this crew room. And so I think there’s a good argument that there’s still some catching up to do here. There were around 50 million people who would have otherwise cruised in 2020 and 2021 and ultimately never made it.

Now some of those people have joined the team over the next year or so. But a significant portion did not. I think the other thing that helps – and we go into so-called wave season is when there’s a disproportionate number of bookings for the upcoming spring break and summer season, which have been really affected last year by the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, then by the break-up of Omicron. This year’s wave season has started much better by all reports from our work. And by all appearances, it’s a good start. And I think that sets the stage for a much more productive year.

JARED BLIKRE: Let me ask you what the next step is. Now that we had withstood the pandemic, we had a set of changing habits and behaviors. I’m just wondering if the average person who doesn’t go on cruises very often, for example, may have broken in or do they rely on regular customers? Just wondering what their TAM is currently compared to the general population who may have lingering concerns about going on a cruise.

JAMES HARDIMAN: Yeah, that’s a good point. I think this is a crucial question. I guess it’s safe to say that at the start of the reopening it was mostly repeat customers, isn’t it? On top of all the fear surrounding the pandemic, few people who have never set foot on a cruise ship have been willing to add that extra fear. I think since the late 22’s and early 23’s we’ve heard about new cruisers returning to space, which I think is a crucial part.

You could tell, based on my previous comment, 50 million people who are some sort of regular cruiser, that you don’t necessarily need that new customer at first. But to get this industry back to where it wants to go, you need that new customer. I also think it’s worth noting that only about 15 million Americans have ever been on a cruise, right? So when you consider that TAMs are definitely most Americans, you’re only scratching the surface. And so it doesn’t take a ton of new cruisers to increase that number by 15 million quite dramatically.

SEANA SMITH: Well, James, just looking at the price of some of these stocks here year-to-date, Royal Caribbean, I know you have a buy recommendation for this. This stock has risen 38% since January 1. How much of this good news has already been integrated? And if not, what is its upside potential?

JAMES HARDIMAN: Yeah, I mean, it really depends on how you phrase it, doesn’t it? Since the beginning of the year, these stocks are in an upward trend. If you compare it to 2019, right, for an overall market up 25%, 30%, Royal Caribbean is only half of what it traded in 2019. That might not be a apples to apples comparison as they are superimposed on a lot of that. But that just goes to show that this is an industry that has been left behind by the rest of the market. And so they have a long way to go to catch up here.

DAVE BRIGGS: My guess – and maybe it’s wrong, James – that’s often the case – is that the typical cruise line is just looking around trying to get the best deal. But you have Royal Caribbean as a purchase. So what is their competitive advantage over their competitors?

JAMES HARDIMAN: Yes, I mean the price is very important. So from that point of view you are right. But in many cases not as important as some other factors, especially the route, right? And Royal Caribbean is arguably the most glocal cruise brand. And I think that helps when you’re trying to travel to distant destinations, some of the more attractive destinations.

I think they’re the best choice, and I think they’re a good combination of the breadth of their offering and their brand perception. I would probably put them first, those two factors combined. But yes, I think there are several factors. The novelty of ships, right? The equipment of the ships and certainly the voyage destinations play a major role. And RCL is certainly no weakling in this regard.

JARED BLIKRE: James, we’ll have to leave it at that, but we really appreciate your ideas here. James Hardiman.


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