Diablo 4 Collector’s: Many players made the mistake of pre-ordering it

It’s been a long time since navigating between the different available versions of some games has proved to be a complex headache for players who don’t follow matters closely, and Diablo 4 has now entered this category as well. .

Indeed, in parallel with the announcement of Diablo 4’s release date officially scheduled for June 6, 2023, pre-orders have opened with multiple editions of the game, which alters the available content, and even some In cases the release date also changes. So some players will have access to the game from June 2 onwards.

But that’s not the problem we want to talk about this time: a Collector’s Box has also been announced, and players have been able to pre-order it, without knowing that it doesn’t involve sports, In fact, we can see many of them Worried about the possibility of not receiving your collector’s item on time to play on the way. Or do they need to light a satanic candle to play in good conditions?

Collector’s Edition Without the Game, Good or Bad Thing?

For those not used to collector’s editions, this can be surprising, even a shock, and some players’ first reaction is that it’s embarrassing. We won’t focus here on the rest of the Collector’s Edition content, which we find quite ridiculous, but the absence of the game isn’t the problem. To begin with, it is well indicated from the first line product pageThat game doesn’t exist in Collectorate, and you have to go to the official site for the software.

Certainly not everyone will agree, but if we set aside inattentive buyers, the only benefits for players are when we separate the physical content of the collector from the purchase of the game. -same.

  • If sports were included, thenThe collector’s edition will probably be more expensive. €109.66 is relatively low For this type of publication these days.
  • As mentioned above, the main problem with collectibles is that they have to be distributed, unlike digital versions. for fear of not playing well because Delivery to the collector is delayed, that it is damaged, or that the order is canceled at the last minute Not pleasant. By purchasing a digital version, we know this won’t be a problem. At least, if the files and other connection issues that Blizzard games have are not included (we think Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 Resurrection, among others).
  • Another problem with collectors who understand games is that they are necessarily tied to a particular platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. It complicates stocks, and coming back to a platform you don’t own, just for the physical goodies, isn’t pleasant. By separating the two, the publisher doesn’t risk being heavily boxed by a less popular platform, and players can purchase games on the platform of their choice.
  • This is not the case with Diablo 4 collectors, but others add a steelbook even without the game so that players still have a physical box for their collection.

Publisher-to-publisher differences

It’s far from being normalized, but Activision Blizzard is far from the only one to offer collector’s items without games. For example, it has been several years since Electronic Arts adopted this practice.

Finally, here’s a funny anecdote. While Blizzard is criticized for not including the game in the Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition, Larian Studios, which revealed the Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition and its release date during the same conference as Diablo 4, The game was criticized for including, All this and more may sound strange, but you should know that the game has been available for years in early access on Steam at full price. A large section of the most interested and invested players in the game have already bought it. Since, by definition, they want the collector’s item most, forcing them to buy the game a second time if they want that physical gift seems completely unfair.