Without a ticket for their child, an Israeli couple prefers to leave them at the check-in counter to board the plane

Both parents were stopped by security personnel at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and arrested by Israeli police.

Unreal scenes at Tel Aviv airport this Tuesday, report from our partners The Times of Israel, Relayed by TF1info. A couple planning to fly to Brussels, Belgium, abandoned their baby and attempted to board a flight operated by Ryanair.

Arriving late at Ben Gurion Airport, they had planned to take their child with them, but had not bought a ticket for the little boy.

“All the staff were in shock”

Instead of finding seats on a later flight, they rushed through the security gate to board, leaving the child at the check-in counter. They were immediately stopped by airport personnel. The couple were ordered to collect their child before being arrested by the police.

TF1info said, “All the staff were in shock. We’ve never seen anything like this. We couldn’t believe our eyes.”

Police have seized on the case, and “it is not known whether the couple and the child ended up on the plane”, explains The Times of Israel.