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According to Carnival Cruise Line, the passenger who died aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship over the weekend likely died naturally.

According to CBS News and NBC, the cruise line said Tuesday that “all indications indicate that the woman died of a medical condition while aboard the Carnival Sunshine in the Bahamas.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), previously called the February 27 death “suspicious.”

Carnival said on Tuesday that “it appears that this was indeed an unfortunate medical situation which unfortunately resulted in the death of one guest,” according to reports.

PEOPLE did not receive a response from the cruise line to our request for comment.

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According to the statement from the FBI Columbia field office, the victim was found unconscious while Carnival Sunshine was sailing to Nassau last Monday.

According to the FBI, medical personnel and crew attempted to revive the woman. The victim was later pronounced dead aboard the ship.

According to the cruise line, the Sunshine will return to Charleston, SC on Saturday.

Carnival said it believed the initial response to a medical emergency was appropriate, according to reports.

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FBI officials said the death posed no threat to other passengers and was an isolated incident.

After the ship returned to Charleston, the FBI Response Team examined the passenger room.

“The deceased and her husband were disembarked in Nassau,” a Carnival spokesperson told PEOPLE. “Bahamian authorities have already reviewed the circumstances and are conducting an autopsy.”

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