‘Every time you scan something, they take a picture of you’: Ex-Walmart worker says self-checkout cameras are ’10 times worse’ than in-store cameras

A former Walmart employee has taken to the platform to warn people about the store’s self-checkout cameras, saying they collect personal information – and even take photos of customers while they check out. purchases.

The video comes from creator AshtheTruth, who claims to have worked as an asset protection officer for the multi-billion dollar chain. She posted the video to the platform on Tuesday and has since garnered 1.8 million views. It starts by assembling another creator’s recording of a Walmart self-checkout scanner in action, and then Ash pops up and says, “I’ve been summoned.”

She presents her theories on what happens to these devices and how Walmart collects customer data.

“So you see those little machines right there? Oh yeah. So I had made a video about the cameras they have that can see into your phone. Well, the cashiers are ten times worse, my friend,” she said. “Well, every time you scan something, pictures are taken of you, and let me just tell you, every time you swipe your card through a Walmart scanner, they have a note of it.”

@ashthetruth21 #stitch with @righteousray2.0 @walmart builds $500 cases at a time. So people suddenly get notifications that they stole something and never told anyone

She then claims, “They can find you through your credit card,” before adding, “I don’t recommend using credit cards if you’re trying to do something stupid, my friend.”

Ash also claims that “they also take a picture of your face and the card they’re using. And they keep it and save it as a file.

Considering Walmart has a long history of collecting purchase data from customers, their video claims that it’s now taken to a new level.

“If you want to protect your information and whether you’re wrong or not, use cash and cover your ID,” she advises. “These cameras can read your wallet, and they do.”

The video brought in comments co-signing their views and asking questions.

One commenter noted, “And that’s why cash is king,” and another repeated, “One of the reasons ‘they’ want to get rid of the cash system is because that they want total control over us.”

Another felt that ID card read information meant RFID blocking wallets were needed, although one commenter noted that Walmart sells these types of wallets in its stores.

The video raised questions about why return receipts are now required, given the information Walmart has – according to the video – about purchases.

And one commenter said: ‘So why is that old lady at the front door checking my receipt?’ before adding a “my friend” in tribute.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via comment and Walmart via its online media inquiries form.

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*Initial publication: February 4, 2023 7:53 a.m. CST

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