The ‘Breaking Bad’ star never thought there would ever be a Super Bowl ad

Raymond Cruz’s Tuco Salamanca may be dead in season 2 of breaking Bad but thanks to that year’s Super Bowl and Frito-Lay’s PopCorners, he reunited with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

“I never thought this would ever happen, not in my wildest dreams,” Cruz said. Yahoo Canada, ahead of Sunday’s big game. “To be able to relive the character in the universe breaking BadI never thought it would ever happen again.”

“It’s kind of scary to have to recreate the character…but his side of the story is so funny. We go in and instead breaking Bad, we are entering into something good. We break into this sane chip.

Directed by breaking Bad And You better call Saul Creator Vince Gilligan, the Breaking Good ad takes us back to this iconic motorhome. This time Heisenberg Tuco has something different to offer in the desert. Instead of meth, they whipped up PopCorners snacks out in the open.

“We’re going to eat a lot of snacks together,” Salamanca says, with her sinister laugh after tasting the product.

“For Vince Gilligan, it was like we never left the set as he recreated the universe breaking Bad“Cruz said. “They brought the iconic RV for the commercial, I was wearing the exact same wardrobe that we used on the show, which is fantastic. I had the same chain they had with the boxing gloves.

“It brought everything back to me. Then working with Aaron and Bryan Cranston and directing Vince Gilligan on the piece was just amazing. It was very surreal because it really felt like time hadn’t passed and we were back on set.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Raymond Cruz in Frito-Lay PopCorner’s Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial

Cruz has been quite open about the difficulty of playing mortal You co. He likened returning to the character to “pulling a knife out of your chest”.

“The idea of ​​reprising the role is like pulling a knife out of your chest because the role is so hard to snatch away,” Cruz said. “Fortunately, even as an actor, I keep track of all the roles I’ve played, writing everything down to know exactly how I built the character and how I made him walk and talk.”

“You think when you’re done with a role, it’s done. When I was killed breaking Bad, I thought that was it, I’m done. …Bam, they do You better call Saul and they jump in time. You get a better feel for the character because he’s like an onion, you peel back layers and see there’s more and more to him than you initially thought.

When it comes to what constitutes this breaking Bad A universe so appealing to fans, Cruz thinks it boils down to a man “trying to do something to make a difference in his life.”

“I think the story of a man who is out of breath, who has no other choice, and who takes this drastic step to save his life, is one of desperation,” Cruz said. “Then it’s the dream, it’s the concern for his family, … I think the fans are on his side and want it to work for him.

“For him, facing someone like Tuco Salamanca is like facing a dragon. … How does he do? How does he do it? How does it work? And then he has these challenges all the time.


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