Nouméa: swimming is prohibited on the beaches

Following the shark attack that occurred this Sunday, January 29, 2023, at the Château-Royal beach in the city of Nouméa, the city of Nouméa issued a decree prohibiting swimming on all city beaches. Îlot Maître and Île aux Canards are also affected by this restriction.


Nouméa city decree has banned swimming at all the city’s beaches until further notice following a shark attack on the beach of Château-Royal this morning. Swimming is also prohibited in Ile Maitre and Ile aux Canards. According to the press release from the municipality, the decree went into effect at the end of this Sunday morning, and remains valid until further notice.

The injured person this morning is a 49-year-old female teacher who was grabbed by a bull shark from a distance of about 3 to 4 meters. She was floating alone at the level of the third buoy, about 100 meters from the shore. It was the woman’s scream that alerted the swimmers. A man on the oar immediately saved him. According to the first elements, he was cut off at the level of the arm and thigh and leg. The shark continued its way into the bay and could be seen from the edge of the beach. The fire personnel immediately took care of the victim and pulled her out. At present, patrolling is being done in the area.