The most popular royal baby names – Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex will love it!

February 3, 2023 – 12:54 GMT Royal family baby names Sophie Hamilton: Discover the 10 most popular royal names for newborn boys and girls around the world

Here has GOOD MORNING! We love hearing about the names the royals choose for their newborn babies and it seems the public love them too, with many Parents name their babies to the royal family, be it Princess Charlotte, Mia Tindall or James Viscount Severn.

Online Gambling Review Expert lucky stream has revealed the 10 most popular royal baby names for boys and girls by analyzing data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and baby name website Nameberry.

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The most popular royal girl name

First place for most popular girl’s name goes to Islaafter the delay Queenis the great-grandson and daughter of Peter Phillips. In the UK, Isla is the third most popular name.

In second place is Charlotte, after the daughter of the Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte, followed by Mia, Sienna and Beatrice. Her name has fallen from 25th to 12th place among baby names globally since Charlotte was born in 2015, according to ONS data.

Autumn Phillips with her daughter Isla

The most popular royal boy name

When it comes to the most popular royal boy name, James is at the top. James is the second child of Prince Edward and his wife, the Countess of Wessex.

The second most popular boy name associated with the royal family is Lucas, as is Zara Tindall’s third child. In third place for royal boy names is Jack, such as Jack Brooksbank, husband of Princess Eugenie and father of their son August.

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The Wessex Family

Prince William and Princess Kate’s son, Prince Louis, has his bag named fourth. followed by the nickname of his big brother Prince George.

Interestingly, William ranks higher than Harry as a baby name in the world, but Prince Harry’s son Archie takes sixth place with his name.

A spokesperson for LuckyCreek said: “Interest in the Royal Family is not just a UK phenomenon but a global one.

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Top 10 royal family maiden names in the world:

1st island


3 billions

4. Siena

5. Beatrice

6. Zara

7. Elizabeth

8. Autumn

9. Lena

10. Savannah

Top 10 Royal Family Boy Names Worldwide:

1. James

2. Luke

3. Jack


5. George

6. Archie

7. William


9. Stone

10. Edward


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