Fraser Health will pay $5 for five years’ rent at Cronzy Alzheimer’s Center in Surrey

Fraser Health paid five annual rents to the Surrey Hospitals Foundation for the use of the Czorny Alzheimer’s Centre. The total was $5.

Surrey Hospitals Foundation board member Marten Van Huizen said in a press release on Wednesday February 1 that the low costs were due to the Stewart family.

“Thanks to the unprecedented donation from the Stewart family, we are offering it to Fraser Health at an extremely low cost – just $1 a year – so they can do the great job of managing space and providing unprecedented care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease.” call Czorny at home,” Van Huizen said.

Located at 66 Avenue in Cloverdale, the inpatient care facility provides specialist care and houses 72 residents in six cabin-style residences. The center opened in 2007 and is named after Michael Czorny, father of Surrey philanthropist Marilyn Stewart. Czorny suffered from dementia for nine years before his death.

The family provided the land and $10 million in capital to build the center. In 2017, the family donated it to the Surrey Hospitals Foundation.

The facility is specially designed for people with dementia. It provides 72 patients with a safe home that offers both psychological safety and comfort. An interdisciplinary team of nursing staff provides round-the-clock care.

Leanne De Romeri, Fraser Health’s director of clinical operations, community health services, said in a press release that the facility is focused on residents.

“We encourage volunteers to play music and take care of the garden, and we offer a variety of programs to eliminate loneliness, boredom and helplessness for our residents,” De Romeri said.

“All of this would not be possible without the Surrey Hospitals Foundation and the excellent partnership that Fraser Health has developed with them over the years.

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