Stephen Smith’s mother raises funds boosted by Murdaugh case

Stephen Smith’s mother raises funds boosted by Murdaugh case

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The mother of Stephen Smith, of Hampton County, South Carolina, a teenager found dead in the middle of a road in 2015, raised more than $70,000 last week to pay for the exhumation of her son’s body and a second independent autopsy as she hires new lawyers to revive the investigation into her death.

“I just love my son. And, since I couldn’t protect him, I’m going to fight for him,” Sandy Smith told Law&Crime on Monday.

Questions about the circumstances surrounding Smith’s death have never been answered. In the early morning hours of July 8, 2015, a motorist traveling on Sandy Run Rd. in Hampton County spotted Smith’s body on the road and called 911. Smith’s yellow vehicle was parked some distance away with unscrewed fuel cap. The 19-year-old had a mobile phone with him and his mum insists he wouldn’t have walked along the road home.

“He would have called his twin sister. Which is closest to where his body was found in his car. He would have called her and she would have picked him up,” Sandy Smith said.

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