Stephanie Slater – Bio, Cause of Death, Husband, Net Worth, Facts, Wiki

Stephanie Slater – Bio, Cause of Death, Husband, Net Worth, Facts, Wiki

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Stephanie Slater was a british real real estate agent of Great Barr in the West Midlands. He was a well-liked and outgoing person who was the life and soul of any social gathering. She made headlines after falling victim to Michael Sams, who is Britain’s most wanted murderer and kidnapper.

In 1992, Slater was kidnapped while on a home visit and held in a cramped wooden “coffin” for eight days. That day turned into something terrifying and would shape the next 20 years of his life. During an interview on BBC Radio 4’s one-on-one show (2013), Stephanie mentioned that for the eight days she had been handcuffed, legs tied, blindfolded and gagged. Sadly, she passed away in 2017 and her cause of death was cancer.

Where was Stephanie Slater from?

Stephanie Slater was born in 1966. She was from West Midlands, England. She was British in terms of her nationality while her ethnicity was British-White. Slater’s adoptive mother died several years ago and his adoptive father also died a few years ago. Beyond that, there are no details regarding his parents. She was a believer in the Christian religion. For the last time, Stephanie celebrated her 51st birthday in 2017.

Stephanie Slater with her detective who caught Slater's kidnapper

When was Stephanie Slater kidnapped?

  • Stephanie Slater was kidnapped while on a home visit and held in a cramped wooden “coffin” for eight days on January 22, 1992.
  • Stephanie, 25, was abducted at knifepoint by killer Michael Sams, who posed as a Birmingham homebuyer, in a case that has shocked the country. She was released after her employer, Shipways Estate Agency in Great Barr, West Midlands, paid a ransom.
  • She had been bound, gagged and driven from Birmingham to Sams’ studio in Newark, Nottinghamshire. He handcuffed her and attached electrodes to her leg, then imprisoned her in a wooden box inside a wheelie bin.
  • Sams later pleaded guilty to kidnapping and imprisoning Slater and demanding a £175,000 ransom from his employers.
  • Slater, who lived on the Isle of Wight, said in 2011: “Before this happened I had a boyfriend, a job and a company car. I had loads of friends and a social life. great. But he [Sams] took everything and destroyed the next 20 years of my life. But now I’m ready to start over. Most people start life in their 20s and 30s, but those years of my life have been destroyed.”
  • Michael Sams was sentenced to life in July 1993 after being found guilty of the murder and kidnapping of Dart, and two attempts to blackmail the police.
  • Before her death, she wrote a book called “Beyond Fear: My Will to Survive” which was later dramatized into a TV movie. The book is about his time in captivity and working with law enforcement to improve the treatment of kidnapping victims, as well as with victims to help them cope after their ordeal.
  • Channel 5 made a documentary show about her abduction story which aired on March 1, 2023.

Stephanie Slater (left) and kidnapper, Michael Sams (right)

How did Stephanie Slater die?

Stephanie Slater died in 2017 after a battle with cancer. She dies at age 50. She fell ill near her home on the Isle of Wight.

Has Stephanie Slater ever been married?

Stephanie Slater appears to have never married in her lifetime. So she’s not getting married. But she once said she had a boyfriend. She was supposed to be in a relationship with her longtime partner before her death. Also, there are no details regarding his past affairs and relationship.

Stepanie Slater never became a mother and had no children with anyone. His sexual orientation was straight.

What Was Stephanie Slater’s Net Worth?

Stephanie Slater was a real estate agent by profession. She had earned a decent amount of money from her professional career. His main source of wealth came from his career in real estate.

Stephanie Slater had an estimated net worth of around $1 million at the time of his death. She made her fortune through her career in real estate. She lived her life to the full.