SNL weekend update rips Trump over New York indictment

SNL weekend update rips Trump over New York indictment

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The hosts of Saturday Night Live’s weekend update had fun with Trump, and each other, while discussing Trump’s indictment in New York. Colin Jost kicked things off by discussing what we could look forward to next week.

JOST: Well, great news for curators. New York is finally cracking down on crime. Former President Donald Trump has been indicted for his part in paying silent money to Stormy Daniels, and the trial will look like a Stormy Daniels movie, because I’m deeply ashamed to see how excited I am about it. idea to watch it.

Trump would surrender next week, but his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, whom Trump definitely called Joe Tapioca, said the president would not be handcuffed, although he would consider wearing fake handcuffs and a Superman t-shirt.

When Trump surrenders, the NYPD will take his official picture, which you know is the only thing Trump cares to get right. I’m sure he’s hoping it’ll sound like Frank Sinatra, but I bet it’ll end up closer to Nick Nolte.

His co-host Michael Che continued to tear Trump apart, but as The Wrap reported, it wasn’t long before Jost became concerned that something was wrong:

This week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ weekend update segment was eerily quiet, leading co-host Colin Jost to look visibly baffled by the lack of laughs at his jokes. — only to learn he’d been cheated on by co-anchor Michael Che.

Jost’s first jokes during the weekend update, which took pictures of Donald Trump’s indictment, drew only a handful of laughs from the studio audience, and Jost was beginning to look uneasy.

“At this point, it feels like even the conservatives have moved on. I mean I went to the courthouse today and I was the only protester there,” Jost said, revealing an image of himself in a MAGA hat with a sign that read “Let Our Boy Go “.

After Jost told the joke, someone in the audience shouted, “You stink!” At this, Che finally cracked and said, “I told them not to make fun of you for April Fool’s Day.”

An extremely relieved Jost started laughing and admitted that the lack of laughter shook him. “Really, I was like, ‘Am I not mic?’ and then I was like, ‘Oh, I just suck.’ Jost added, “That’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done to me. I’m covered in sweat.”