‘SNL’ hits out at Trump for claiming people cry when they see him

Donald Trump says people can’t help but cry when they see him, which Saturday Night Live comedian Colin Jost finds it laughable.

Jost hit out at the former president this weekend on SNLfor claiming staffers at the Manhattan courthouse where he was arraigned on April 4, has wept over his legal troubles.

“Donald Trump claimed that New York City police and court clerks were crying when they arrested him,” the “Weekend Update” co-anchor said with a laugh. “Why is everyone in the Trump stories crying?”

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A video montage then played of Trump bragging that people get emotional when they meet him.

“Very tough, very strong, very powerful men, they were crying,” Trump said in the video. “These are people who didn’t cry when they were babies. They would never cry in their life and they were crying.

Jost said he does not accept Trump’s claims.

“You brag that when people see you, they burst into tears? the comedian joked.

“It never feels like excited crying like when teenagers see BTS. It’s more like scared crying, like when the hostages see Jigsaw,” Jost added, referring to Jigsaw’s killer in the Saw slasher movies.

Trump made headlines last week when he sat down with Fox’s Tucker Carlson to discuss his landmark indictment, and said court workers were so troubled by the court’s ordeal. Trump they cried.

“They signed me up, and I’ll tell you, people were crying, people who work there, work there professionally, have no problem putting in murderers, and they see everybody,” Trump said. “It’s a tough, tough place, and they were crying. In fact, they were crying. They said, ‘I’m sorry.’ They were saying “2024 sir, 2024”, and tears were streaming from their eyes.

A law enforcement source later told Yahoo News that Trump’s tearful claim was “absolutely BS.”

Watch the SNL video below.

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