Snakes Faced a Wrong Opponent

Snakes Faced a Wrong Opponent | in 1976 a student at texas an m
the university was given a simple task to
feed the snakes thinking it didn’t
matter what kind of rodent the predators
ate the student offered a diamondback
rattlesnake the first rat he came across
but after a lightning-fast bite the rat
just kept sitting there as if nothing
happened it was really lucky for a snake
because an encounter with this rodent
could be fatal for the serpent
what do scientists do when they stumble
across something unusual recreate the
the phenomenon in a controlled experiment of
course they did indeed place rodents a
representative of the wood rat species
next to the snakes again and they found
out that small furry animals are not
only immune to rattlesnake venom the
wood rats went one step further
sometimes they would respond by
scratching and biting the snakes to
for these rodents immunity to snake
venom is like a first aid kit in a car
you hope you won’t need it but when push
comes to shove it can save your life
however unlike a first aid kit immunity
to venom comes at a price yes the cost
of some meds sometimes seems too high
but hey in order to make your body
immune to venom you have to die when you
get down to it things don’t seem so
absurd small doses of toxins injected
into the human body gradually teach it
to resist it and the toxin is not
effective anymore but animals cannot
milk a snake to make an injection or
even call emergency services if
something goes wrong all they have to do
is develop immunity gradually from
generation to generation this is how
natural selection works if you survive
the attack of a venomous snake you and
your offspring have an advantage welcome
to the next level however, there is an
easier way literally a cheat code in a
a world full of snakes you can eat
poisonous insects just like poison dart
frogs which are sometimes called one of
the most poisonous animals on the planet
that being said the secret of their
incredibly powerful toxin lies only in
their diet scientists believe that
poison dart frogs get their poison from
certain arthropods and insects they hunt
insects accumulate poison to defend
themselves acquiring it from plants
which most likely also became poisonous
to protect themselves while something
tells me this doesn’t really work
however, the poison dart frogs receive
excellent protection and most snakes do
not risk messing with them most but not
all some predators have learned to
resist toxins such as the
erythrolamprous Epinephelus snake whose
the name sounds like a spell from the harry
potter saga as a matter of fact it seems
evolution is more likely to give toxin
immunity to predators rather than their
prey that’s not fair or does it actually
make sense okay okay of course it does
like most things evolution performs
predators who eat poisonous animals
eventually, stop perceiving them as
something harmful it’s like with a hot
sauce the first time you eat it it can
make you cry and gasp for air but if you
eat it all the time your body will adapt
i think this is how erythe impress
Epinephelus learned to eat poison dart
frogs poison dart frogs learn to eat
poisonous insects well you get the idea
when along with immunity to poison you
also, get the poison itself it’s twice as
good for the animal the tiger keelback
snake eats poisonous toads to protect
itself from larger predators i wouldn’t
be surprised if the toads steal their
poison from some ants now imagine the
tiger kill back snake attacking a human
using ant toxin this is some quality
revenge plan this is for the earth
but snakes have an unexpected enemy the
snakes themselves incredibly cool
dangerous fast even they can sometimes
miss and bite themselves instead of prey
have you ever bitten your lip cheek or
tongue while eating this probably has
happened to everyone now imagine your
every bite was venomous doesn’t sound
nice apparently the snakes also realized
this and they developed immunity to
their own venom they will not be
affected by one accidental bite they’ll
need to do this several times so that
the injected venom would start causing
trouble the dose should be really
immense many snakes of the same species
can bite each other during contacts and
if evolution had not come up with a
solution we’d have no snakes at all you
may think all of these ways of
confronting snakes are somehow too
complicated and long some also involve
the unavoidable death of many
generations so maybe there’s a more
pleasant option after all there are
mongooses can’t you just take them and i
don’t know extract a universal antidote
from their blood that’ll protect all
people from snake bites forever
unfortunately mongooses are not going to
share their secrets instead of
anti-venom blood mongooses possess
mutations on their very cells that block
snake neurotoxins like a wad of gum in a
keyhole these mutations are not
transferable to humans perhaps we could
use genetic engineering to help but then
we should go all in there are many other
cool abilities that we could borrow from
animals the ability to blend in with the
environment like chameleons to see at
night like cats someone might even want
to communicate through ultrasound like
whales though introducing changes in the
human genes especially adding something
we borrowed from animals is a very
challenging and dangerous experiment
some scientists consider it unethical
and many countries actually prohibit
gene editing as a matter of fact these
fears are justifiable we’re talking
about human embryos and no one knows
what the consequences will be
maybe we’ll make superhumans or maybe
the test subjects will simply die there
are no guarantees even experiments on
animals which are considered successful
give rather strange results i already
mentioned spider goats in one of the
videos a unique product of genetic
engineering though they don’t know how
to weave webs or climb walls to be
honest these goats look quite usual
scientists simply took a gene that
encodes silk and placed it among the dna
that prompts milk production so if you
milk a spider goat you can get a lot of
milk full of spider silk protein then
the milky web damn that sounds like
nonsense nevertheless they lift a fiber
of spider silk out of the milk spool it
on a reel and in the future they hope to
establish mass production and this is a
successful experiment we’re talking
about imagine if someone decided to mix
the genes of human and electric eel but
failed they wanted to create electro but
got this instead oh
okay i get it we’re not getting genetic
immunity from the venom what else can we
use against snakes well only turn into
the snake itself well or at least try to
the mimic octopus does a great job
depending on the situation it can
pretend to be the humble soleic these
heterorhinos fish or the yellow-lipped
sea kryte a very venomous snake the
octopus sticks six legs into some hole
picks up the other two and slowly moves
them it really looks like a secret who’d
want to mess with the venomous snake
even the snakes themselves don’t want
this yes in theory such a disguise would
work against a real sea crite although
cannibalism is common among many species
this does not mean that one snake
instantly attacks another upon encounter
if the situation is not critical and
it’s not about fighting for a female or
prey sea crites will most likely ignore
each other other reptiles actually know
how to make friends garter snakes not
only seek out social contacts but they
also choose whom they socialize with
scientists who studied their friendship
separated the snakes that hang out
together and then watched in amazement
as they crawled back to their pals they
returned to their bros and did not want
to socialize with new acquaintances by
the way scientists have no idea what
prompts the friendship of the garter
snakes this definitely has nothing to do
with breeding the research snakes did
not prefer friends of the opposite sex
but on the other hand snake friends
usually join up together which helps
them keep warm and protect themselves
from predators
of course it all sounds very nice but i
completely forgot about the octopus his
disguise is flawless but what if the sea
cried attacks it anyway well maybe the
snake was having a bad day you never
know hard to say i’ve not found an
answer to this question but i assume the
secrite will prevail after all it’s very
difficult to handle venom unless you’re
a wood rat actually there are very few
creatures that handle snakes but do not
hunt them because snakes well let’s be
honest snakes are pretty cool everyone
wants to be a snake even birds some of
them such as blue tits emit amazing
hiss-like sounds to scare away predators
scientists even conducted an experiment
on mice and found that tits really
hissed just like snakes the mice acted
equally anxious in response to snake and
tit hissing compared to the control
sounds but the tid hisses not only at
predators but at other birds as well as
it usually happens in the animal kingdom
birds constantly fight each other for
convenient spots for nests imagine you
noticed a great hollow where you can
make a whole penthouse and then another
bird flies up to it just hiss at it yeah
it really works everyone’s afraid of
alas everyone is afraid of snakes except
for the snakes themselves what should
small birds do then they had to invent
other sounds they do not help against
snakes but most likely they help other
birds when they spot a snake or
something that looks a lot like it the
japanese ted start making special alarm
calls apparently these sounds are
warning other animals around
well now you know how to say snake in
the bird language see you later

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