Shocker: NYT Headline Admits Biden Did Nothing Wrong

Shocker: NYT Headline Admits Biden Did Nothing Wrong

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James Comer’s Oversight Committee essentially admitted yesterday that it had found nothing incriminating about Joe Biden, despite their repeated mantra that he and his family were guilty of criminal conduct and corruption. And in a rare twist of events, the NY Times ran this story with an unambiguous headline: “House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden.” The man bites the dog! It’s a low bar, but I’ll take it. Via the Times:

At a high-profile news conference on Capitol Hill to show preliminary findings from their first investigation into Mr. Biden and his family, top Republicans released financial documents detailing how some of the president’s aides were paid more than $10. million dollars from foreign sources between 2015 and 2017.

Republicans described the transactions as evidence of “influence peddling” by Mr Biden’s family, including his son Hunter Biden, and referenced some previously known, albeit unflattering, details of the Biden’s business dealings. young Mr. Biden. These included an episode in which he accepted a 2.8 carat diamond from a Chinese businessman. GOP lawmakers have also produced documents suggesting that President Biden and his allies have sometimes made misleading claims in their efforts to push back aggressively against accusations of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden.

But on Wednesday, Republicans admitted they had yet to find evidence of any specific corrupt action Mr Biden had taken in connection with any of his son’s business deals. Instead, their presentation highlighted how little progress top GOP lawmakers have made in finding clear evidence of questionable deals they can link to Mr. Biden, their main political rival.

BUT: If the story is any indicator, the NYTimes will feel the need to “balance” this story with another unverified attack on Biden.

And in case you’ve forgotten, here’s James Comer, the stereotypical hypocritical Southern politician and paragon of virtue who runs this clown show:

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