Shazam!  The end of the fury of the gods explained

Shazam! The end of the fury of the gods explained

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The second post-credits scene is more of a comedic reworking of the first movie’s post-credits scene than anything like an important breadcrumb trail. But it’s fun to see Mister Mind again, one of the most eccentric villains in the DC realm.

In 2019, the conclusion of “Shazam!” apparently indicated that Mister Mind (voiced by Sandberg) and Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) were hatching a plan that would likely form the crux of the sequel. Since neither are found in “Fury of the Gods”, the obvious question is: why?

This time, Sivana is still rotting in prison – now sporting a beard and a more hateful attitude. Once again, Mister Mind shows up, telling him that the master plan is nearly complete. Sivana gets angry, saying he is getting old; Mister Mind replies that he can’t do things very fast – after all, he’s a caterpillar. All it can do is move from place to place.

Instead of Mister Mind giving a glimpse of what he’s planning, he tells Sivana he has one more thing to do, then walks away again. Is it just a pointless catch-up scene with Mister Mind and Sivana? Or kick the box for a few more years until it finally pays off? If this thread continues in the new DCU, it could possibly serve as the plot for a potential third Shazam movie or even a role for Mister Mind as the big bad in the Gods and Monsters chapter. After all, he leads the Monster Society of Evil in the comics.

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