Send Account Number – Iyabo Ojo forgives APC supporter who fell ill after insulting her

Send Account Number – Iyabo Ojo forgives APC supporter who fell ill after insulting her

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The man who called Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo, a well-known actress from Nigeria, has accepted an apology from APC member Sulaimon Olamide for insulting her during the campaign.

In a widely shared video, the former APC national youth leader candidate sobbed inconsolably, saying the politicians who forced him to attack opponents had all abandoned him.

You may recall the youngster threatening Iyabo for backing Labor’s Peter Obi as president-elect rather than Bola Tinubu, who ran for the APC.

The mother of the two, according to Sulaimon, betrayed the Yorubas by supporting an opposing cause. He further claimed that she slept with powerful men for pay.

“Iyabo Ojo you are an Ashawo, you sleep with people’s husbands and you are a traitor,” he said.

In a new video uploaded, he claimed he was terribly ill and had no more than 5 naira in his bank account.

Sulaimon, who spoke Yoruba, appealed to Nigerians to help him as the politicians he worked for were no longer answering his calls.

He said; “All APC politicians have abandoned me even though they know that I am currently very ill. Mum Iyabo Ojo I am sorry and Nigerians please stop insulting me in the sections of comments, insults affect my brain.

All the APC politicians I have helped are no longer taking my phone calls please the election is already over and all I need from you right now is prayers and support, I am terribly ill now and face many challenges in life”.

Breaking the silence about this, Iyabo took pity on Suleimon and prayed for God to restore him to health. She asked a popular blog for her account details so she could support it.

The movie star also called on Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to address the plight of the APC youth leader.

She wrote; “He is well with his mind and soul, may God restore him to health, happiness and hope……[email protected], please help send his account details to my Dm if you can. My beautiful people, please, please, please help them. If you can, depression is real…. may he find healing and peace of mind… and @jidesanwoolu he needs your help more and now please take care of him.

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