Senate Ethics Committee reprimands Lindsey Graham

Senate Ethics Committee reprimands Lindsey Graham

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About a week before the Georgia Senate election runoff, Sen. Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News at the Russell Building on Nov. 30, making his usual fundraising appeals for Republican nominee Herschel Walker.

The roll call reports that the Senate Ethics Committee got involved.

“The committee further finds that during your discussion of the Senate run-off election, you directly solicited campaign contributions on behalf of Mr. Walker’s campaign committee,, on five occasions,” said Ethics Chairman Chris Coons of Delaware and James. Lankford of Oklahoma, the top Republican on the committee, wrote a warning letter to Graham.”

Graham was on Fox News racking up Walker so many times it was ridiculous. Hannity used his platform as an electoral powerhouse for Republicans.

I’m actually surprised that the Senate Ethics Committee is getting involved.

“The public must be satisfied that Members of Parliament use public resources only for official actions in the best interests of the United States, and not for partisan political activities. Your actions fell short of that standard, which has damaged public confidence in the U.S. Senate,” the ethics officers wrote. “You are hereby warned.”

Graham responded by saying it was “a mistake” and that he hopes to do better in the future.

It’s a lie.

Senator Graham knew exactly what he was doing. The Republican Party was a sinking ship in the midterm elections thanks to the idiots of Trump-backed Senate candidates.

Graham was trying to plug the leaky GOP, acting like a jerk, defending Walker’s insanity as a candidate.

Roll Call said, “The Senate Ethics Committee issuing such a letter, accompanied by a formal warning, is extremely rare.”

Senators used to stay above the fold of staggered members of the House.

This is no longer the case.