Sea Creatures That Don’t Need Water

Sea Creatures That Don’t Need Water

do fish know there’s something else out
there aside from water when the
mortality rate rose at the hospital
where dr ignaz semelweis worked he
suggested the rates could drop if
surgeons wash their hands more often
unfortunately his colleagues were
outraged by the idea and ignored this
theory and only twenty years later it
was confirmed semel weiss was right what
do marine creatures have to do with it
only a few of them like dr semelweis
know the world has changed a long time
ago it no longer makes sense to live in
water only
to be washed up on a shore means certain
death for almost any marine creature but
what if a killer whale and a shark end
up on land at the same time let’s say
it’s the same beach there are no people
how much time do both animals have
before the inevitable actually when it
comes to fish it all depends on the
species some aquarium fish can only last
for a couple of minutes if they jump out
of the water they’ll die right after
that oh it’s hard to blame them when you
live in an aquarium you can’t adapt to
the harsh external world with all that
air but what about sharks they rarely
end up in aquariums though it doesn’t
really matter if you pull the predator
out of water on average the shark will
last a few minutes on the shore but the
killer whale being a mammal will survive
for several hours the secret lies in the
lungs when in the course of the
evolution you abandon the gills this
really brings some perks with the help
of the lungs killer whales can breathe
easily however other parts of the body
ruin everything a too thick layer of fat
lack of thermoregulation heavy weight in
short they can’t start living on land
just like that let’s not forget it’s
extremely stressful for a shark to end
up on land scientists have already
proven fish can feel both pain and fear
so no wonder an event like that will
make a shark panic for real it’s quite
difficult to understand when you spend
your entire life on land but imagine you
suddenly wake up at the bottom of the
ocean and you can’t swim
not the best feeling ever right panic
can entirely block any logical thinking
and any reflexes except for the classic
fight or flight but where do you run if
you’re a fish that suddenly ended up out
of water i think in a situation like
that our hypothetical shark will be
completely disoriented but the killer
whale can hardly get lost in space even
outside its usual habitat first it’s
much easier to stay cool when you’re not
suffocating and second well once upon a
time killer whales used to walk on land
before ending up in the ocean their
distant ancestors who are also the
ancestors of whales and dolphins walked
on land for several million years and
they didn’t like it
oh i remember this stone today there’s
plenty of evidence for this unusual
evolutionary path which first brought
mammals out of the water and then
brought them back in i already mentioned
it in one of the previous videos but
recently i found another piece of
evidence whales and dolphins are born
with hair no kidding well this doesn’t
apply to all species but some of them
are really born with something that
looks like whiskers it quickly
disappears because it’s entirely useless
after all there are no barber shops
underwater although these whiskers are
only visible in some species hair
follicles are an evolutionary trait of
mammals well in case you suddenly need
more proof
the vast majority of warm-blooded
animals need hair to stay warm and safe
but if marine mammals lose them as they
grow up they had to find an alternative
and there is one they get fat i mean
really fat the thickness of their
blubber can exceed 12 inches and its
main purpose is to serve as an energy
store to increase buoyancy and keep the
animals warm even in icy water and that
seems like a much more comfortable
option than swimming in a fur coat but
since marine mammals could grow blubber
instead of lost hair why didn’t they
think about gills seems like that’d be a
rather convenient mutation for someone
who spends all their time in the water
yeah i thought so too then i found out
that it’s not reasonable for example for
dolphins to change the way they breathe
thanks to gills fish can descend to
great depths where it’s really cold but
dolphins prefer warm water near the
surface where there’s always food and
you can always swim to the surface to
get some air to do this they don’t even
have to stick their face out of the
water for dolphins growing gills is like
moving from a country with a mild
climate to somewhere beyond the arctic
circle that is you can do it but why
would you dolphins are lucky since they
can’t come up with complex and even
absurd theories but i can what will
marine mammals do if all oxygen on the
earth’s surface disappears not the
entire atmosphere just one chemical
element seems like breathing will be the
main issue then but believe me we won’t
even have time to think about it the
thing is oxygen can be found in a bunch
of compounds which in turn are part of
the objects around us they’ll all just
crumble literally all of them your
furniture your clothes your car your
computer even your house and you’ll
follow them too keep in mind there’s a
lot of water in a person and there’s
oxygen in water
hey what happened it would seem that
after such a global disaster the oxygen
reserves in the world’s oceans should be
gradually depleted but it’s produced
right under the water actually the
oceans are oxygen producing factories
and according to some scientists up to
80 percent of the oxygen production on
earth comes from the ocean the majority
of this production is from oceanic
plankton drifting plants algae and some
bacteria that can photosynthesize
assuming oxygen only disappeared on land
the ocean should be fine what about
marine mammals what should dolphins
killer whales and whales who cannot
breathe through the water do well learn
how to do it of course if oxygen
disappeared suddenly they wouldn’t stand
a chant but it’s quite possible to learn
from the fish which were trained to walk
on land a group of researchers raised
111 juvenile senegal beshears on land
these fish have a sort of lungs and fins
quite convenient for walking after
living on land their muscles and fins
changed so much they became another
proof that our very distant ancestors
moved from water to land and it happened
pretty quickly so marine mammals would
have an inspiring example to follow it’s
not all about senegal be sure though no
offense guys in the warm regions of our
planet evolution occurs much faster and
many marine mammals like to hang out
where it’s warm do you feel the
connection warmer temperatures speed up
metabolism everything starts to work
faster which means evolutionary
processes are also accelerated this
comes at a cost though such acceleration
increases the chances of random mutation
that is killer whales might not only get
gills but also turn into some new
species unknown to science
this feels good okay let’s forget about
possible future mutations for now what’s
the real reason why killer whales
started to hunt on land it’s unlikely
they really remember that once upon a
time they walked on land and that there
was food well some species do have a
genetic memory but it’s impossible to
remember what happened millions of years
back well it seems it’s all about the
oceanic fish that shrank in size over
the years of our planet’s existence many
organisms became more compact take
dinosaurs for example
not to mention the fish is growing
smaller right now over the past few
decades alone chum sakai chinook and
silver have decreased in size by more
than 10 percent all across alaska i
think the first ones to notice this
change will be the predators that eat
this fish perhaps the killer whales also
recognize that noticing that the fish
they hunted started to get smaller the
killer whales revised their menu and
added fur seals to it wait fur seals
often come ashore well then we’ll get
out too no biggie also it’s quite
possible that even one fur seal is a
more nutritious meal than a couple of
pounds of fish after all what’s the
point of wasting your energy on catching
small prey killer whales don’t have a
net to quickly catch a bunch of salmon
and then calmly enjoy it chilling in the
sun it’s important for any animal to
find food that’ll provide maximum energy
at the minimum effort required for
catching just imagine you have a choice
eat a pack of chips you bought at the
mall or climb a tree to get one little
chip from there which you’ll also have
to share with your entire family but you
know i’m wondering how killer whales
think whether they have a genetic memory
whether they can arrive at complex
conclusions while most likely everything
was much simpler one day killer whales
ended up on shore by accident and found
that it was a really lucky accident ah
i’m gonna die i’m gonna die i’m
definitely gonna die now
oh food see you later

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