SALE: This PC with RTX 3070, Intel i7 and 1TB SSD drops below the 1200€ mark!

SALE: This PC with RTX 3070, Intel i7 and 1TB SSD drops below the 1200€ mark!

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news good plan SALE: This PC with RTX 3070, Intel i7 and 1TB SSD drops below the 1200€ mark!

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Want to get into PC gaming at 1440p but without emptying your bank account? Thanks to the 2023 winter sale, a golden offer has appeared on the Boulanger store for an especially powerful gaming tower at a very low price.

Sale: Gaming at 1440p has never been so cheap

As you know, a gaming PC is expensive, and prices have only risen in recent years. When you don’t have the knowledge to assemble your own machine, or the money to get high-end hardware, a pre-assembled PC can be a great solution. This is even more true now that many brands are making quality towers with quality consumer components, while keeping the price low thanks to economies of scale. Thus we steer clear of PCs that aren’t very sexy, and are full of OEM components, coming from generic assemblers like HP, ACER, or even Lenovo.

Today, the machine we looked at comes to us from the workshops of Median, a specialized assembler that actually turns out to be a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Lenovo. The ERAZER Engineer X10 PC attracted us with its attractive configuration, but above all with its now competitive price. Initially sold for 1699.99€, this computer is currently available for 1199.99€That’s still a saving of 500€ (more than enough to buy a QHD gaming screen on sale!)

Buy Median Eraser for €1199.99 at Boulanger

Sale: PC with RTX 3070, ideal for playing in 1440p, goes down to less than 1200€

It all starts with a custom case from Median that provides a really neat look, with its tempered glass side panels, and the front where LEDs frame the various USB and audio ports in a nice blue light. Huh. Diving into the bowels of the beast, we find a Mini-ATX B660 motherboard, which houses the Intel Core i7-12700F processor.

This Alder Lake chip has 12 cores (8 Pcores and 4 Ecores) for a total of 20 threads, and frequencies that oscillate between 1.6Ghz and 4.9Ghz in boost mode. Frankly, no application should be able to run on this machine, and even less so when it comes to video games. The chip is supported by 16GB of DDR4 3200Mhz memory in the form of two 8GB DIMMs clocked at 3200Mhz (there are only two slots). Note that this processor also supports up to 4800Mhz and up to 128GB of DDR5 memory.

SALE: This PC with RTX 3070, Intel i7 and 1TB SSD drops below the 1200€ mark!

In terms of graphics, the Median has included an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card with 8GB of GDDR6 memory. Coming from a PCP (probably an OEM assembler), this graphics card will ensure you can run any modern title in 1440p. It has also been mentioned that the RTX 3070 for desktop computers are much more powerful than their mobile counterparts found on laptops.

Storage is provided by a 1TB M.2 SSD. The good news is that an M.2 slot is always free, which will make it very easy to increase storage space by adding a new SSD. As with any tower, it would also be possible to use SATA SSDs to lower the bill. In conclusion, it should be noted that this tower is equipped with a WiFi module, and it houses a 650 W power supply, which will also allow you to swap out some components for more powerful models.

Buy Median Eraser for €1199.99 at Boulanger

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