Russian Security Council warns of radioactive cloud blowing towards Western Europe!!  |

Russian Security Council warns of radioactive cloud blowing towards Western Europe!! |

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According to Nikolay Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, the destruction of DU shells in Ukraine created a radioactive cloud that was blown towards Western Europe. Ukraine received this type of ammunition from the UK to fire UK-built Challenger tanks.

At a government meeting on Friday, the senior official went public with the alleged threat and claimed the United States was providing “aid” to other countries that was actually harming receivers.

They also “helped” Ukraine by pressuring its satellites to supply depleted uranium munitions. Following their annihilation, a radioactive cloud spread towards Western Europe. In Poland, there has been an increase in radiation, according to Patrushev.

Unconfirmed allegations identifying the target of a Russian hit last Saturday, which Moscow says destroyed an ammunition stockpile in the town of Khmelnitsky, have been circulating in Ukraine. The military installation was reportedly used as a storage location for depleted uranium shells supplied by the UK. Loud explosions at the depot have been theorized as the possible cause of the material turning into dust.

According to studies conducted in countries where the weapons have been used in the past, such as Serbia and Iraq, Russia has already issued a warning that the use of depleted uranium munitions poses a long-term danger. for the environment and human health. London refuted such a risk.

Depleted uranium is a dangerous heavy metal, not because it is radioactive, but because it is toxic to humans. Anyone exposed to uranium or uranium oxide particles from an explosion could breathe them in and become contaminated, or they could contaminate the environment.

Polish authorities have refuted reports that the eastern city of Lublin saw an increase in radiation on Monday.

The reported deployment of Ukrainian military patrols which allegedly collected samples in and around the city fueled speculation about the explosion in Khmelnitsky. Despite the proximity of a nuclear power plant, reports have indicated that patrols that usually monitor the situation there have been spotted straying from their usual routes.

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