Ron Johnson Says Indictments Remind Him Of Soviet Union

Ron Johnson Says Indictments Remind Him Of Soviet Union

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Senator Ron Johnson (Q – Moscow) came to the defense of his Fearless Leader by unironically saying that the indictments remind him of the Soviet Union:

Each one of these new indictments feels more and more like we’re in a country like the Soviet Union or other countries that criminalize political speech, that imprison political opponents and not allow people to run on ballots. I think this is a travesty in terms of our political process as well as our system of justice. We’re supposed to equally apply our laws to every individual. We’re not supposed to have two or three different levels of justice where we target individuals. But that’s what’s happening under Joe Biden. It’s a travesty. It’s unprecedented in terms of what’s happening but this is what Democrats do, this is what radical leftists do. They break every precedent. They break every norm. They destroy things. They don’t build things.

The Newsmax host then guided the conversation to make it look like the indictments were being timed to foul up Trump’s campaign and to keep painting the image of Trump being the poor, put upon hero.

The irony of this whole clip is enough to make one’s hair hurt.

Just the fact that RoJo chose to compare things to the Soviet Union is worthy of a spit take. After all, RoJo has been such a flaming Russian asset for years that he chooses to take Fourth of July trips to Moscow and having the FBI needing to chat with him about it.

The fact that RoJo is trying to change the view on the indictments is less ironic, considering what his roles were in the who scheme – everywhere from catching meetings outlying the whole fake elector scheme to helping incite and then minimize the J6 riots to being a mule for the fake elector slates. RoJo is probably so nervous about it that he jumps every time the phone rings or someone knocks on the door, even if it’s just on TV.

Come to think of it, you know what would be a great Halloween idea? Getting huge groups of people to put on Jack Smith masks and go trick or treating at RoJo’s office.

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