Rising Vivek Ramaswamy: Not running on Trump’s ticket or serving in his cabinet;  Focused on winning |  wayne dupree

Rising Vivek Ramaswamy: Not running on Trump’s ticket or serving in his cabinet; Focused on winning | wayne dupree

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2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has said that if asked, he would not run for president on Donald Trump’s ticket or serve in Trump’s cabinet. When asked Thursday if he would consider running on the same ticket as Donald Trump if he were the Republican nominee, the Republican challenger was adamant in his response to host Buck Sexton of “The Clay & Buck Show”.

The successful businessman was unequivocal: “I will be of service to this country in any way I can, but I will not be number two or a member of any administration,” Ramaswamy said. If I want to have the biggest impact possible on this country, I don’t think that’s the way to go.

Ramaswamy said he was keeping tabs on the bigger picture, which is to downsize the federal bureaucratic state as he sees fit.

He went on to say that he believed the Republican Party had many other talented political leaders who would be needed in the new administration. I don’t think there are many exceptionally talented executives who can build successful companies. Private sector leaders are the ones who build sustainable businesses. In this way, then, I will make a difference. But I believe I have the clearest understanding of how to shut down the administrative state and federal bureaucracy when it comes to reforming the executive branch of government.

Ramaswamy was also adamant in his assessment of who might have dropped a bag of cocaine in a White House cubbyhole, a mystery the Secret Service said solved Thursday without identifying suspects or drawing any firm conclusions.


What’s at stake is a matter of two options, he said. Both are incompetent, but the second is much worse. It is a form of deception. I’m usually one to accept an explanation that leads to incompetence, but I think this time I might make an exception. This is usually the case, certainly in any bureaucracy, whenever something goes wrong. But in this case, I find it so obvious that it constitutes dishonesty.

Ramaswamy drew an analogy between this scenario and the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to demonstrate that the simplest explanation is often the most accurate.

You are dealing with a virus with novel properties, he told us. Wuhan is home to the world’s only bioterrorism research center, where scientists have successfully engineered viruses to acquire a new function. And we affirm that it does not come from this laboratory. How ridiculous does that have to be, really?