Ric Salizzo Bio, Age, Wife, Net, SportsCafe, SKY Network, TV3

Ric Salizzo Bio, Age, Wife, Net, SportsCafe, SKY Network, TV3

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Biography of Ric Salizzo

Ric Salizzo is a New Zealand journalist, television presenter and producer, best known for creating SportsCafe and producing The Crowd Goes Wild.

How old is Ric Salizzo? – Age

He is 61 years old on July 22, 2023. He was born in 1962 in Auckland, New Zealand. His real name is Riccardo Michele Salizzo.

Who is Ric Salizzo married to? – Marry

He was married to Cathy Campbell. His wife died in 2012.

Net worth of Ric Salizzo

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Ric Salizzo SportsCafé

In 1996, Salizzo sent SportsCafe through the new creation organization Leftfield, with initial sponsorship from TAB. Salizzo’s career would be defined by this role, and the show’s success brought him fame and recognition. His work on the show as creator and moderator frequently elaborates on aligning the other, more overbearing hosts, as well as background work. In its heyday, the creation of the show prompted Salizzo to lay claim to part of a complex of cafes and bars on Auckland’s Sovereigns Wharf named Leftfield.

By the time SportsCafe’s undercurrent run ended in 2005, Salizzo sent another show called The Sugar Shack to TV3, which was soon dropped. We still remember comedian and actor Rhys Darby’s first television appearance there. Salizzo also created one of Trip of the Conchords’ first television appearances. Salizzo brought back Sportscafe in 2008 for a comeback season, and again in 2011 for a progression of live-streamed, online-only episodes arranging with Telecom.

Ric SalizzoPhoto
Ric SalizzoPhoto

New Zealand’s SportsCafé was a sports television show. The show previously aired on New Zealand television in 1996 on Sky Game; However, those who were not Sky members could view SportsCafe without a Sky UHF decoder by tuning their TV to the Sky Game UHF station, as the sign was not mixed during this broadcast. In 2002 SportsCafe moved to Sky 1 and in 2003 to TV2 (TVNZ 2).

Ric Salizzo’s SKY Network

It was intended to join the competitive 7 p.m. timeslot and serve as the flagship show for the free-to-air Prime channel recently purchased by SKY Network Television. The show was a hit and still airs weeknights, with Salizzo serving as executive producer and occasional presenter.

Ric Salizzo Career

In 1986, Salizzo returned to New Zealand to earn a spot on TVNZ’s One News sports revelation group. In 1988, he presented the news of public games in an interesting way. It was during this period that Salizzo formed the creative organization Pasta Creations with fellow artist and former classmate, All Dark Sir John Kirwan. Pasta Creations has delivered a few narrative films about the visiting All Blacks, such as the blockbuster The Upside, The Terrible and the Rugby.

In the mid-1990s, he was also given the position of All Blacks Media Contact Manager, which at the time was a juvenile job within the group structure. It also involved handling media publicity encompassing rising star Jonah Lomu. This media publicity was essential for the TV3 docudrama which looks back on the life and profession of Jonah Lomu and Salizzo was portrayed in this program by top New Zealand artist Phil Brown.

Salizzo is a former member of the Auckland Blues management team. He also engages in consultancy, advocacy and public speaking work from time to time. He was associated with the creation of and (alongside the cast of SportsCafe and comedian John Clarke) the performance of Fred Dagg’s 1998 tune “We Don’t Have the Fogiest Idea How Fortunate We Are”, which broke the New Zealand outline in July 1998.”