relationships, marriages, divorces, children!  – Married biography

relationships, marriages, divorces, children! – Married biography

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Brooke Shields: Relationships, Marriages, Divorces, Kids!

Brooke Shields, 58, is an American actress who started working as a child. Born to American model and actress Teri Shields, she has played countless daring roles and scenes. Is Brooke married? Who is her husband? Does the couple have children? Read on to learn more about Brooke’s relationships.

Brooke Shields and her past relationships

We know Brooke Shields for her several memorable roles, notably in Pretty Baby and Blue Laguna. She faced the camera when she was just 11 months old. At that time, she was featured in an advertisement for Ivory soap.

Brooke had a controversial start to her career and performed a number of sexualized roles and daring scenes during her teenage years. She was only 11 when she starred in Pretty Baby. She plays the character of a precocious daughter of a sex worker.

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields with Dean Cain (Source: People)

Often, Brooke has been spotted with her co-star, Scott Baio. But later the two admitted that they were just friends. Their meeting was a publicity stunt. Later, her mother Teri matched John Travolta who was 11 years older than her. Although the relationship was platonic, the two had affection for each other.

Later, Brooke was linked to Michael Jackson. Of him she said:

We just felt safe with each other,”

“We watched movies and ate candy and laughed at the craziness around us…We loved each other, but it wasn’t romantic at all.”

But she established a romantic relationship with Dean Cain. She lost her virginity to him and the two dated for nearly two years before going their separate ways. Liam Neeson charmed her and they started dating 3 months after they first met. She writes in her memoirs:

“He asked me to marry him without a ring.”

But the relationship ended soon after. Liam then met Natasha Richardson whom he later married.

Brooke and Andre Agassi: her first marriage

In 1993 Brooke met tennis player Andre Agassi. They communicated by fax and talked about common personal problems. Brooke said:

“We began to communicate via long rambling faxes about life and God and the strange burden of fame and overwhelming parents,”

But jealousy overtook André and their relationship was strained. Nevertheless, they married in 1997 and divorced two years later. Andre was in a crystal meth addiction which led to their separation.

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields’ marriage to Andre only lasted two years (Source: Insider)

The couple did not share any children together. She had bought a house at that time. And she sold it in March 2022 for $7.4 million.

After Andre, she had one-sided love for George Michael. Although he liked her, he said he wanted to focus on his career. Later, George came out as gay.

Brooke and her second marriage

In 1998, she and screenwriter Chris Henchy met on the NBC Christmas sets in Washington. After her divorce, the two got closer and married in 2001. The venue was Marina del Rey, California and she said:

“If there’s a point where I start to feel insecure…all he has to do is say, ‘You know, you’re beautiful'”

“And I know it comes from a sincere place.”

The couple have two daughters. The eldest Rowan Francis Henchy arrived in 2003 while the youngest Grier Hammond Henchy was born in 2006.

Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields and husband Chris Henchy with their daughters (Source: Today)

Brief biography of Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is an American model and actress who began her career as a child artist at the age of 11 months. More organic…