Really Stupid Senator Says Hillary Colludes With Russia

Really Stupid Senator Says Hillary Colludes With Russia

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Marsha Blackburn is a corrupt idiot, but you knew it.

Newly discovered that she’s been receiving campaign contributions from Clarence Thomas’ sugar daddy, Harlan Crow, Marsha lands her dumb ass on Mornings with Maria to do some seriously silly analysis of Durham’s nothing.

MARSHA “MENSA REJECT” BLACKBURN: I’m not surprised what we found in the Durham report, because we’ve always said that Hillary and Bill Clinton had close ties to the Russians, and there never was. of evidence concerning this collusion between Russia and Donald Trump. . And now we find out that Hillary was the one who hatched this plan and then said it was the Russians and blamed Donald Trump when all along it was Hillary Clinton who was close to the Russians.

Marsha argues that Hillary agreed to lose by siding with Putin. It’s unclear which is worse, how dumb Marsha Blackburn is or how dumb she and Fox Business think their viewers are.

Marsha should stick to her real skills: marketing pizza cutters. (Yes, this video is real.)

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