Real name of Btb Savage, who was Brian Thompson?  girlfriend name

Real name of Btb Savage, who was Brian Thompson? girlfriend name

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Btb Savage Real Name, btb savage’s real name was Brian Thompson according to our research. He is known for his unique style of rapping. He was a famous American artist, born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Her date of birth is unclear now, which is why her fans wanted to know BTB wild ageand also on his girlfriend.

In this blog, we provide complete details about Btb Savage Wiki, Btb Savage Killing and What is BThe Wild Age of Tuberculosis when he was killed, including his girlfriend name, parents and net worth available in this blog.

Btb Savage Real Name: Brian Thompson Wiki

Btb Savage’s real name was Brian Thompson. He was an American artist and rapper known for his musical songs like “Turn Her Up”, “First Day Out”, “Wire Fraud 2”, and many more. He had a huge impact throughout his musical journey and we all remember the tragic death of BTB Savage.

Brian Thompson aka Btb Savage was from Cleveland, Ohio. He spent his childhood playing basketball. The late rapper moved from Ohio to Texas for his studies at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas. He completed his education at the local high school and where Btb Savage discovered his stage name. BTB Savage’s education is complete and Btb Savage is believed to be 20 years old before death.


Who was Brian Thompson? Is BTB Savage’s real name?

Yes! THE BTB Savage real name wasBrian Thompson but all his people knew him as a BTB Savage. On March 30, 2023, Thursday, BTB Savage was reportedly killed in a shooting in Huston. He died after a shooting near Huston River Ooks and the incident happened around 6.10pm. Officers identified it as rapper Btb Savage.

Hours before his death, Savage was promoting his upcoming Too Much Motion tape and also posted photos on his Twitter account.

BTB Savage Career – After completing their studies, he became interested in music and he began to learn music and achieved his name and fortune. Due to the financial problems of his family and parents, he did not pursue his career.

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Reveling BTB Savage Age – How old was BTB Savage?

At the time of BTB Savage’s death (Targeted Shooting), Btb savage’s actual age was not revealed by Huston Police, but it can be assumed that BTB Savage was only 20 years old.

Btb Savage's age is 20
Btb Savage Turns 20 Only Before Death

BTB Savage Real Name, Age, Military, Interview, Death, Net Worth, Parents, Education, Girlfriend Name

Name Wild BTB
Real name Brian Thompson
Famous for American rapper, musical artist
Age 20 to 25 years old
girlfriend name Not known
Marital status Bachelor
Children 1
Date of birth 00-00-000 – Soon to be updated
Place of birth Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Parents name Father’s name: – Mr. Thompson

Mother’s name: – Mrs. Thompson

Name of the school Churchill High School
Ethnicity Afro-American
Nationality American
Net value $5 million
Source of income Music

BTB Savage Girlfriend Name and Relationship Info

The name of BTB Savage’s girlfriend is yet to be released, but according to reports, he has a child with his girlfriend.

Btb Savage Wiki, Age

BTB Savage Instagram Account, Twitter ID

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