PS5: The highly anticipated console is available but for a limited time

PS5: The highly anticipated console is available but for a limited time

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news good plan PS5: The highly anticipated console is available but for a limited time

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The PS5 has been coveted by thousands of French people since its release. It’s no secret anymore, Sony is struggling to provide a console for everyone and there remains a severe shortage of stock. The PS5 is now making its big return to the physical and online shelves of major merchants. We bring you the latest console restocking news, so don’t hesitate any longer: The PS5 is available again but not for long!

PS5 is making a comeback, hurry up!

The PS5 was released more than two years ago and is still a huge success. Along with its success, the console was also devastated by the boom in its stock shortage and consequently could not please all the curious people. It must be said that Sony was really unlucky: with its release amidst the global Covid-19 crisis and the shutdown of production plants, the Japanese brand tried in vain to supply as many PS5 as possible. Even two years later, Sony is still going out of its way to keep its consoles on sale and there’s a lot of stock out there.

Buying a PS5 can seem like an ordeal, but don’t panic, many major stores are constantly putting PS5s back on sale. We bring you the latest PS5 arrivals so you can get your hands on them as soon as possible. We recommend that you do not waste time as restocks, although not so rare, are leaving at an increased rate.

Updated on 01/27/2023 at 4:12 PM: PS5 Pack C are available at a discount.

CBuy the PS5 Pack from €569.99 at a discount

Updated on 01/27/2023 at 4:10 pm. : Available as a pack on PS5 Fnac.

Buy PS5 Pack + God of War Ragnarok + Red Controller for €694.99 on Fnac

Buy PS5 Pack + War Ragnarok + Camouflage Controller for €694.99 at Fnac

Our tips for getting your new PS5 fast and at the right price

The PS5 is highly sought after by many, not just Lambda buyers. When you’re getting ready to buy your console, there are other people called “scalpers” right behind or even ahead of you in line. Scalpers are people who buy popular products with the sole purpose of reselling them for the exact same product at a much higher price. These scalpers use the desperation and distress of those who failed to purchase the console to get rich. Therefore, be very careful when making a PS5 purchase: we advise you to make purchases only on the sites of major official merchants and to know well the average price of the console, so as not to be fooled.

Here are some tabs to help you keep a close eye on the latest PS5 releases on trusted e-commerce sites:

  • View PS5 stock on Amazon
  • View PS5 stock on Fnac
  • See PS5 stock at cdiscount
  • View PS5 stock on Micromania
  • View PS5 stock at Cultura
  • View PS5 stock on Boulanger

Furthermore, when you intend to buy a PS5, the password is to create an account on all merchant sites known to restore the PS5. This process will surely help you to be the first one while shopping as in any case, an account creation request is essentially mandatory before shopping on big e-commerce sites.

If you are one of those people who prefer physical shopping and online sites intimidate you, then you can surely visit your nearest multimedia store and request for a waiting list. Indeed, some vendors offer this functionality because they are receiving fresh stock contextually and as a result, requests are frequent. You will then be posted on a “first come, first served” basis and notified when a PS5 becomes available.

Finally, we also recommend entering your bank details into your preferred search engine so as not to waste time and therefore maximize your chances of always getting your PS5.

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