Presidential candidate Tim Scott’s abortion word salad

Presidential candidate Tim Scott’s abortion word salad

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is in campaign mode; after all, he recently launched a presidential exploratory committee. But you’d think the Republican from South Carolina could answer a simple question about abortion.

It’s because Republicans know that abortion rights are very popular. Since Roe was ousted, conservatives have ratcheted up the pressure on women, attempting to reject exceptions to rape and incest while trying to force 10-year-old rape victims into childbirth.

“Would you like to support a federal ban on abortions? Newsmax pundit Mike Carter asked Scott.

He then threw a salad of words and even somehow brought up a bank hearing and Janet Yellen.

“I would just say the fact is that when you look at the issue of abortion, one of the challenges that we have is that we keep going into the most restrictive conversations without broadening the scope and looking at the fact that I’m 100% pro-life,” he said.

“I never walk away from that,” he continued. “But the truth is, when you look at abortion issues, I start with the various important conversations I had in a bank hearing when I was sitting in my office listening to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury, talk about increasing the labor market participation rate for African American women who live in poverty by having abortions.”

“I think we’re just having the wrong conversation,” he added without answering the simple question. “I ran to the bank hearing to see if I had heard correctly. Are you saying that a mother like mine should have an abortion so that we increase labor force participation? It just seems ridiculous to me. And so I’ “I’m going to continue to have a serious conversation about the issues that affect the American people. I want to start by pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the left on the most important of the most important issues.”

That’s a lot of words to say nothing. Only 13% of Americans think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. Even Donald Trump knows they need to tone down their abortion rhetoric.

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