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Biography of Philip Adams

Phillip Adams AO, FAHA, FRSA is an Australian humanist, social critic, broadcaster, public intellectual and farmer. Four nights a week, he hosts Late Night Live, an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) program on Radio National. He also contributes to The Weekend Australian with a weekly column.

How old is Philip Adams? – Age

He is 83 years old on July 12, 2023. He was born in 1939 in Maryborough, Australia.

Phillip Adams Family

Adams was the only child of the Reverend Charles Adams, a minister in the Congregational Church, and was born in Maryborough, Victoria. His life was far from pleasant and his parents divorced when he was young.

Where did Phillip Adams go to college?

He studied at Eltham High School.

Phillip Adams wife

Patrice Newell is Adams’ wife. He has four daughters, three from his first marriage to Rosemary Fawcett and one from his second marriage to Newell. He lives on “Elmswood”, a large estate near Gundy in the Hunter region of New South Wales. He and his wife raise organically fed animals and grow garlic and olives.

Phillip Adams net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Books by Phillip Adams

Adams has written or edited over 20 books, including The Unspeakable Adams, Adams Versus God, The Penguin Book of Australian Jokes, Retreat from Tolerance, Talkback and A Billion Voices, Adams Ark and Emperors of the Air, which he co- written with Lee Burton.

Phillip Adams Political Opinions

Robert Adams has been called “an iconic figurehead of the pro-Labour left intelligentsia” by Robert Manne. Adams was a longtime member of the Australian Labor Party and had a close relationship with every Labor leader, from Kevin Rudd to Gough Whitlam. Adams resigned from the Labor Party in 2010 because he was unhappy with Julia Gillard’s decision to fire Rudd in the overthrow of the Labor leadership that year. The Green Left week by week portrayed Adams as “an unrepentant leftist, despite the fact that he hasn’t totally abandoned the snowy mountain dead corpse he’s been carrying for a very long time”. In 1995, Adams opposed Section 18C of the Race Discrimination Act 1975, arguing that “public debate, not legal censorship” was a better response to racial hatred.

Adams called Liberal Prime Minister John Howard “by far the worst prime minister in living memory” under the Howard administration. Adams tweeted in 2022 that Australian cricketer Donald Bradman was a “crazy right-wing job” for writing a letter criticizing socialism.

Phillip AdamsPhoto

Philip Adams Tweet

Adams was accused of using a racist and derogatory term in his response to Kamahl, a Malaysian-born Australian singer whom he called an “honorary white” on Twitter. Adams was referring to false accusations that Bradman refused to meet Mandela due to political and racial disagreements. Kamahl refuted this, writing to Anderson to inform him that he had received no correspondence from Adams. Anderson responded by asking Kamahl to accept his “sincere apology” after being told an apology had been sent, but he had now asked Adams to send his apology directly to him. Adams responded by writing an email to Kamahl.

Podcast by Phillip Adams

Sometimes Adams refers to his listeners as “the listener” or “Gladys”, as if he had only one; he also refers to listeners collectively as “Gladdies”. In recent years, Adams began kicking off the show with “Good Evening Gladdies and Poddies,” a nod to the show’s burgeoning podcast audience.

Phillip Adams Late Night Live

Adams first hosted a late night show on Sydney’s commercial radio station 2UE in the late 1980s and early 1990s before taking over as host of ABC’s Late Night Live Radio National in 1991, interviewing guests on a variety of topics including politics, science, philosophy, history, and culture. Late Night Live airs on ABC Radio National, Radio Australia and the Internet across Australia. The program starts at 22:00 AEST/ADST and repeats the following day at 16:00 AEST/ADST. The program is a serious examination of global concerns tempered by Adams’ soft, sardonic humor. Bruce Shapiro and Beatrix Campbell are regular contributors.