Pamela Anderson attracts hundreds of fans to the Toronto Eaton Center

Canadian actress, cultural icon and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is in Toronto this week (in case you haven’t heard) to promote her new book Dear Pamela; a celebrity memoir meant to be as seminal as the star herself.

Needless to say, the locals were delighted to have the opportunity to meet the famous Baywatch Babe personally – but it wasn’t a quick or easy task.

Fans began lining up outside the Toronto Eaton Center Indigo at 8 a.m. Monday morning to claim a wristband that would eventually allow them to wait in another line.

Hundreds of people bought Anderson’s new book (the purchase was necessary for the bracelets) in the hope of falling on the bombshell and getting his signature.

By 7:00 p.m., the store was packed with bracelet holders and random visitors, all vying to see Anderson in the flesh as she signed books and greeted fans.

Makeup artist cherryb0mbshell tells blogTO that each bracelet owner has been assigned an assigned group and asked to wait for their group number to be called.

“A lot of people were upstairs. There were others who didn’t have wristbands and were just waiting to see Pamela, which was getting confusing as there was no indication of where s ‘line up. Everyone was scattered,’ she said.

And yet, despite what she called “a bit of a mess,” things went pretty well with the signing as the bands began to rise through the ranks. Cherry was on deck at 7:35 p.m. to meet Anderson, but was unable to take a selfie with the star.

“We were not allowed to take photos with Pamela in the event or in the signing area, but we were allowed to take photos in the lineup before meeting her and signing her book,” he said. she explained to blogTO.

Yet two of the hundreds of people at last night’s event in Toronto were able to take a photo with the author and actress: animal rights activists Jenny McQueen and Mary-Chris Staples.

The longtime PETA volunteers and co-founders of Animal Rights Toronto were thrilled when Anderson spotted them in the crowd holding #BeFairBeVegan signs and insisted on meeting them.

“The Indigo Chapters staff at the Eaton Center strictly enforced the no-photos rule,” McQueen told blogTO on Tuesday morning.

“But when Pamela spotted us with PETA t-shirts and signs praising her work for animal rights, she jumped up and insisted her assistant take a picture while she posed with us. “

Pamela Anderson posed for a single photo with fans at her book signing Monday night in Toronto – PETA volunteers Jenny McQueen and Mary-Chris Staples. Image via Jenny McQueen.

Campaigners say Pamela’s ethical stance on veganism and helping animals is ‘the right thing’ and they weren’t the only ones to hear praise after last night’s event.

According to participants’ accounts on social media, Anderson was extremely kind, polite and kind, taking the time to chat with every fan who approached and personalized his books.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the Canadian icon, whose relevance has only grown with his career over the decades.


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