PA Judge Grants President Trump Presidential Immunity for 2020 Election Remarks | Wayne Dupree

PA Judge Grants President Trump Presidential Immunity for 2020 Election Remarks | Wayne Dupree

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President Donald Trump is protected by presidential immunity, according to a Pennsylvania state judge, for remarks he made while in office casting doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election. 

According to The Hill, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael Erdos decided on Monday that 2020 election worker James Savage cannot sue Trump over the allegations.


According to the judge, Trump’s immunity extends to tweets and other statements he made from the White House while a Pennsylvania state Senate committee was in session in November 2020.

And whether, as the plaintiffs in this and other cases contend, it was this conduct which served as the actual threat to our democracy, Erdos wrote in his ruling. “Other legal proceedings may examine the propriety of his statements and actions while he was the President,” he added. “However, this is not the appropriate situation to do so. Trump is eligible for presidential immunity in this situation.

Savage, a Pennsylvania supervisor of voting machines, filed two lawsuits, which were later combined, alleging a conspiracy to smear him by Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, two poll watchers, and others. Trump allegedly damaged Savage’s reputation by claiming falsely that he changed the outcome of the 2020 election, which caused him to receive death threats and experience two heart attacks.  

Trump is not entirely innocent. According to Bloomberg, Erdos determined that Savage’s third defamation claim, which relates to comments made after Trump left the White House, is not immune from suit. As a result, the case survived Trump’s motion to dismiss.


According to Trump’s legal spokeswoman Alina Habba, “Today the Court made clear that it is well within the President’s discretion to address the integrity of our election without fear of liability.” We anticipate that the remaining claims made by Mr. Savage will be rejected in a similar manner because they lack merit.

In any case, Trump has argued that presidential immunity should protect him from legal action in a variety of cases, including those involving the Jan. 6 lawsuits and a defamation lawsuit brought by author E. Jean Carroll. In a lawsuit Carroll filed in May, a jury determined that Trump was accountable for battery and defamation.

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