Overview of Mike’s Blog |  Scammers and liars

Overview of Mike’s Blog | Scammers and liars

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Above, Missing Persons plays, What are words for (when no one’s listening anymore). SCOTUS Dei was supposed to rule on the abortion pill mifepristone on Wednesday, but mysteriously changed the date to today. With about 80% of Americans supporting abortion, are they listening to us or are they going to do a Nixon-style Friday Night News Dump? Does Clarence Thomas accept “fees” from billionaires? /snark. Let’s explore!

Jezebel says SCOTUS initiating the abortion pill business is not a good sign.

Micheal-in-Norfolk thinks it is about cruelty and disdain.

Off the Kuff speculate!

The Psi of Life asks what did you expect from Clarence Thomas?

Bonus title: our favorite etymologist Fritinancy gives us work-related words.

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