“Out of control”: roasted unique baby name

“Out of control”: roasted unique baby name

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An influencer broke down in tears after her baby’s unusual name sparked backlash for being ‘ridiculous’ and ‘quirky’.

British couple Liana Jade and Connor Darlington have named their eight-month-old baby boy Koazy, pronounced Cozy.

However, the popular YouTubers – who have 2.71 million followers – have had their unorthodox choice of nickname criticized on a new podcast, prompting Liana, 24, to cheer.

The mother-of-one was visibly upset when she explained that ‘new and unique’ baby names had been the subject of The Unplanned Podcasthosted by American couple Matt and Abby Howard.

Although Matt and Abby didn’t mention Koazy by name, they called the unusual nicknames “ridiculous” and “out of control.”

Abby added that it’s a “red flag” to give a child a name that doesn’t already exist, saying “it might not be the flex you think it is”.

The couple, who are expecting their second child, left the comments section of their video open – allowing others to criticize Liana and Connor’s choice.

The saga has left Liana distraught, with the young mum explaining that Koazy’s name isn’t ‘everyone’s cup of tea’, she thinks it’s ‘cruel’ to allow people who don’t like her baby name of “tearing it up”.

“People said we called him Koazy because he was comfortable in the womb. But no. It was a name we already had and as I was getting so heavily pregnant people were saying ‘he’s so comfortable in your belly,” she explained in a tear-filled video.

“It confirmed to us that’s what we should call it…we were like ‘Oh my God, it’s meant to be’.”

Liana went on to say “I wasn’t trying to give him a name for a flex”, adding that opening up the comments section to allow others to mock their baby name “really upset” her. .

“I knew not everyone was going to like the name, so I’m not going to sit here defending it,” she continued.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it’s just different when there’s this comment section open on the video of such a big influencer of people, grown adults, just sitting there slandering my baby’s name.

“I think it’s pretty cruel – and if I had posted this video personally, I think I would have been very aware of who was being named and how it may affect other people.”

Liana’s fans were quick to chime in, telling the new mum it was a “sweet” name and urging her not to listen to criticism.

“Don’t cry, that’s an amazing name! They just don’t taste good,” one commented on Liana’s video, which has been viewed over 6 million times since it was released. it was shared on Monday.

“Koazy is a nice name,” agreed another.

As one said, “Please don’t get upset. Everyone has an opinion but a name is personal to the parents who choose it and should not be judged by anyone else. Stay strong.”

Matt and Abby have since disabled comments on their video, but it has been widely reposted.

In it, the couple says “baby names have gotten out of hand in 2023.”

“It bothers me some of the names that are out there these days, they’re so offbeat,” says Abby.

“You know your child will grow into an adult and potentially work in a professional setting.”

Matt states that he “completely agrees” with his partner, describing “cute names” for kids that don’t translate well to adult names as “creepy”.

“Some people are so proud they don’t know anyone with that name…it might not be the flex you think,” adds Abby.

“That could be a red flag.”

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