Open Channel: Which Twitter bots will you miss after the API change?

Open Channel: Which Twitter bots will you miss after the API change?

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It probably goes without saying, but Elon Musk’s current tenure as CEO of Twitter has been pretty messy, and not in the funniest way. Between constant changes with no real warning and trying to make money in any way possible, the popular social media site feels like it’s on the verge of collapse, and he’s no CEO. that since three months. And it’s even more striking because the man is desperate for a way to repay his $44 billion acquisition any way he can.

Hence the new change that will take effect on February 9, after which Twitter will stop allowing free access to its application program interface (or API). Instead, researchers, app makers and others must pay a fee to access a previously free but limited version of this interface. (As of 2022, access to other features costs $99 or $1,899 per month, depending on the tier.) For the average Twitter user, this means third-party apps like Tweetbot could end up spending money to keep running; Some have already said they won’t pay the fee for their own reasons.

This also means that several bots that you frequently see on the site may also disappear. Bots were the reason Musk tried not to buy Twitter in the first place, but a lot of them do harmless and stupid accounts which have no other purpose than to be informative or amusing. (As a fan of AO3 beacons not mounted And Dimension20 Quotes Bots, I salute them both with tears.) They help make Twitter what it is and it will be sad to see some of them go.

For this week’s io9 open channel, we want to know which Twitter bots you’re going to cry about in a post-February 9 world.

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