One of Trump’s ‘patriots’ shoots local MPs

One of Trump’s ‘patriots’ shoots local MPs

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Apparently, our constitutional hero wasn’t supposed to have guns, but he obviously did. When local deputies came to his residence to do a welfare check on him at his father’s request, Nathan Pelham pulled out his guns he was not supposed to have and opened fire.

Source: NBC News

A Texas man facing charges during the Jan. 6 riot opened fire last week on sheriff’s deputies who had come to his home to check on him ahead of his scheduled surrender to the FBI, according to a new complaint criminal.

Nathan Donald Pelham, of Greenville, who originally faced four insurgency-related misdemeanor charges, faces an additional felony charge of possession of a firearm after the April 12 incident, according to a criminal complaint filed this week.

An FBI special agent wrote in a file that he called Pelham on April 12 and asked him to turn himself in in a few days. That evening, according to the officer, local authorities attended Pelham’s home after his father demanded a welfare check.

When the deputies arrived, Pelham fired several shots at them, prosecutors said.

And how far were the shots?

One of the law enforcement officers said a shot “came so close to me that I could hear the distinct hiss as the bullet passed close to me and then hit a metal object on my right side “, according to a court filing.

So add an attempted murder charge to Pelham’s list of charges.

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