Nvidia will delight you with many games, including the most anticipated

Nvidia will delight you with many games, including the most anticipated

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Nvidia’s DLSS technology brings great news for this weekend. This we know.

At Nvidia, DLSS technology is taking more and more space and becoming more democratic week by week in our PC video games. It must be said that this is a particularly lifesaver for many games, often very greedy, as it makes it possible to significantly improve fluidity without loss of visual quality. And for this end of January, the maker is adding a lot of games to its catalog and has great things planned for February.

nvidia dlss to save your day

The 4 games join an already long list of games that are compatible with DLSS 3.0 and lower. Know marvel’s midnight sun And hitman 3 Which is also in the process of being transformed through several updates. there are other games Dakar Desert Rally (available now) and dying light 2 stay human Bringing the number of DLSS 3 games available to 21.

still in good news, recently dead space remake What we just introduced you to the test today is the DLSS 2 upgrade. and so is the case left, which, despite looking very greedy, will eventually be able to be played on more machines under better conditions. Wishing to go further, Nvidia also announced the arrival of the month of February, which begins with the DLSS 3 update to much fanfare. bless us February 2 and Destruction Same day These titles will be followed by a large number of other DLSS 3 games. nuclear heart, sick place, throne and freedom, tower of fantasy, warhaven and witchfire, In short, a real stunt in less than a month.

cherry on the cake, hogwarts legacy What is definitely expected in terms of its technical aspect is that it also plans to support DLSS 3.0. On the other hand, we do not yet know if this will happen when the game is released or a little later in February, or even in March.