North Carolina governor hopes governor will uphold abortion bill veto

North Carolina governor hopes governor will uphold abortion bill veto

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is beating the bushes to find a Republican vote to uphold his veto of the Republican abortion bill. Via the New York Times:

North Carolina’s Republican-dominated legislature passed a bill banning most abortions after 12 weeks. Mr. Cooper, a Democrat, vetoed the bill. But to prevent the legislature from using its wafer-thin supermajority to override its veto, Mr. Cooper is asking voters to pressure Republican lawmakers. Convincing just one lawmaker will keep the state’s current abortion law — allowing it up to 20 weeks — in place.

In Wilmington, he urged voters to send a message to their representatives in the legislature — “ask them to keep their promise” to preserve existing abortion laws, he said, referring to Republican lawmakers who , he said, had previously reported some support for abortion access.

Let them know, he said, “if it’s a phone call, or it’s an email, or it’s a text.”

Mr. Cooper’s plea and the showdown between the governor’s office and the legislature represent an extraordinary moment in North Carolina politics, as well as in the country’s volatile fight against abortion.

Remember, this is the state where Democratic lawmaker Tricia Cotham switched parties at the last minute — and voted for the abortion bill, despite a previous speech about her own abortion. Magic 8-Ball says “Highly Doubtful”.