Nintendo admits your Switch is at risk and offers a solution

Nintendo admits your Switch is at risk and offers a solution

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News JVTech Nintendo admits your Switch is at risk and offers a solution

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On Nintendo Japan’s official website, the company warns of the risk of the Nintendo Switch Lite and OLED breaking. Luckily, there is an official solution explained in detail by the manufacturer.

Yes, the Nintendo Switch withstands water without being afraid

In a tweet from Nintendo’s official technical support Twitter in Japan, we discover a problem that seems to be more frequent than we thought.

After so many years, we thought we knew everything about the Nintendo Switch. Under normal circumstances, there is normally nothing to worry about. On the other hand the Japanese manufacturer explains in their FAQ: “Condensation can form inside the game console if the temperature of the place where the game console is located changes suddenly.”

In other words, the Nintendo Switch will be sensitive to temperature variations. It can be formed between the screen and the slab or directly in the case. Playing in the cold can cause this kind of problem. Then the risk of failure becomes very high.

A simple solution proposed by Nintendo

If this happens to you, Nintendo offers a few steps to fix the problem. But for that you have to be reactive, because at the first prompts if you use the console you have to do the following steps:

  • Turn off the Nintendo Switch by pressing and holding the Power button. In the event of a bug, you can press and hold for up to 12 seconds to force a complete shutdown.
  • It will then be necessary to place the console in a warm room or at least in a place where the water droplets that have formed can evaporate. No need to disassemble the console.

Nintendo doesn’t specify for at least how long the console will have to rest. The longer you wait, the lower the risk of loss.

Condensation can create a short circuit at the start if the console is on. The break may thus be instantaneous. Condensation can also oxidize the weld and cause weaknesses. Thus bugs will become more and more regular until the Nintendo Switch’s functions are no longer responsive. a slow death.

Nintendo therefore warns of this risk. This sounds unusual enough, but it should be noted that this is a very present risk. This type of problem is not just a symptom of switches, But with air inside all the equipment. The difference in temperature can cause the same problem in smartphones.

So the best advice is to use your electronics as little as possible in cold conditions.