Nick Cannon Applauds ‘Red Table Talk’ Cancellation

Nick Cannon Applauds ‘Red Table Talk’ Cancellation

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With Meta shutting down its Facebook Watch division, Nick Cannon thinks there’s a silver lining to it all – the cancellation of ‘toxic’ Red table discussion.

The multi-hyphenate gave his take on the end of Jada Pinkett Smith’s digital talk show on Thursday, April 27, during his new radio show, The daily cannon.

In Cannon’s opinion, RTT was the reason Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

“If there weren’t Red table discussionthen he wouldn’t have slapped Chris Rock,” Cannon said.

“I’m talking about this toxic table,” he added. “Too much honesty can get you slapped.”

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Cannon added that Smith should never have appeared on Red table discussion in July 2020, to discuss his wife’s “entanglement” with much younger singer August Alsina, which occurred while Will and Jada were estranged.

Instead, Cannon said some things should only be discussed in private.

“It was royalty, Will and Jada. Then they brought it to the table. I don’t want to know all that bullshit about y’all,” Cannon said. “Some things, I just want to take care of my black-owned business. I don’t want to be standing in everyone’s kitchen. Keep this shit to y’all.

“F–k this table,” he added.

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For those who missed the infamous episode of RTTJada said she went public with the affair after August sat down with radio host Angela Yee a month earlier and claimed in a viral YouTube video that Will had given her ‘his blessing’ to have a relationship with Jada.

“I felt like it was really important to come to the table to really clear the air,” Jada said on Red table discussion.

“One of the reasons I wanted to come to the table is the media, the headlines,” Will added, as he sat across from his wife at the red table. “We never said anything. Coming to the table, we just felt like it got to the point where you had to say something.

Jada explained, “One thing I want to clean up…one of the things that was swirling around in the press was that you give ‘permission’ meaning the only person who can give permission in this circumstance special is myself.

The episode was viewed more than 15 million times in the first 24 hours, setting a record for the most views on an original Facebook Watch video.

Despite critics of Red table discussionthe show has a huge fan base with over 11 million Facebook followers.

As stated earlier, it may not be over yet. The show’s producers said Thursday that they are shopping for it in hopes of bringing it back.

“We at red board are in talks to find a new home and we will see you again soon,” the producers said in a statement on Facebook.

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