Netflix backlash prompts another password sharing rule change

Netflix backlash prompts another password sharing rule change

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Netflix has removed restrictions on sharing passwords that appear to have been posted on its platform in error.

Earlier this week, the streamer updated its password sharing rules on its help page. He noted that his “Netflix account is for people who live together in the same household.” Netflix went on to say that “people who don’t live in your household must use their own accounts to watch Netflix.”

The update drew strong reactions as a number of subscribers threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

On Thursday (February 2), Netflix reacted to the situation and said the information was inadvertently leaked.

“Yesterday, a Help Center article with information specific to Chile, Costa Rica and Peru was uploaded in other countries for a brief period,” a Netflix spokesperson said. The guard. “We’ve since updated it.”

The Independent has contacted Netflix for comment.

Since last year, Netflix has been testing “paid sharing” in all three countries where an account holder has to pay for an additional person (identified as someone living outside the account holder’s home) to access the service. In Costa Rica, the additional charge is $2.99 ​​(£2.44) per month.

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In order for people to have “uninterrupted access to Netflix”, the help document explained that people should watch something from home every 31 days. If he does not, he will be asked to enter a temporary code to connect.

However, the streamer acknowledges that people who travel or live between different homes can still watch stuff on Netflix. The primary account holder and people living in the household “shouldn’t have to verify devices when viewing them”, regardless of their location.

Netflix has been threatening to crack down on password sharing for years. Now, after its trial in Latin America, its latest January newsletter said it “plans to roll out paid sharing more widely in the first quarter.”


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