Millionaire Fox Hosts push to increase retirement age

Millionaire Fox Hosts push to increase retirement age

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Republicans booed President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address when he said: ‘Instead of making the rich pay their fair share, some Republicans want health insurance and security are disappearing. I’m not saying it’s the majority.” He was called a liar three times.

Then the Republicans attacked Social Security. And now, fox and friends goes there too.

“So let’s talk about what’s happening in France real quick,” said co-host Brian Kilmeade. “There have been protests after non-stop protests because Emmanuel Macron has, on his own initiative, raised the retirement age by two years.”

The retirement age in France has been raised from 62 to 64, which is always infuriating, but nothing like raising it to 70, which is what the Republicans want.

Stuart Varney said sarcastically, “Whoop-de-do.”

Kilmeade has lobbied for the retirement age to be raised here.

“And now he faces a vote of no confidence, and he could lose his job,” he said. “I think he did the responsible thing, we need to raise the retirement age here, but nobody has the guts to do it.

Varney said, “Yeah, it’s gonna come here.”

All these hosts are millionaires. Each of them.

Let’s roll this clip one more time:

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