Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth: How Wealthy Was Armie’s Dad?

Michael Armand Hammer Net Worth: How Wealthy Was Armie’s Dad?

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Michael Armand Hammer was an American businessman. He was best known for his ties to his late grandfather’s company, Occidental Petroleum. Michael also owned numerous businesses, including a television and film production company, Hammer Productions. Hammer died at age 67 on Sunday, November 20 after a long and hard battle with cancer. Michael Armand Hammer’s net worth at the time of his death is around $1.5 million.

Full name Michel Armand Hammer
Anniversary September 8, 1955
Place of birth Los Angeles
Occupation Businessman
Marry Dr. Ann Mobley
Net value $1.5 million
Deceased November 20, 2022

Early life and family

Michael Armand Hammer was born in September 1955 in Los Angeles. He was born to Glenna Sue and Julian Armand Hammer. His father is known to be a hot-headed offspring of Hammer who murdered a man for a gambling debt in the 1950s.

Likewise, her father, Julian, also sexually abused his daughter, Casey. Michael’s mother is known to be from Texas. He grew up with his sister, Casey, and half-sister, Jan Ward. For his studies, he joined the University of San Diego.

Hammer received his degree in business administration in 1978. He later attended Columbia University and graduated from the Graduate School of Business with an MBA in 1982.

Michael Armand Hammer Net worth and Career

Early in his career, he worked for the New York securities company, Kidder, Peabody & Co. He held different positions while serving in the securities and investment company. In 1982, he started working in his grandfather’s company, Occidental Petroleum. Previously, he held various positions in the company’s various facilities such as Texas, London, Oklahoma and Oman. He eventually moved to company headquarters in Los Angeles in 1985.

Michael became vice president of the company’s headquarters after moving there. Soon after, he became a member of the executive committee and the board of directors. Michael then served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee until he left the company in 1991. After ending his association with Occidental Petroleum, he began working for several companies, including OnVANTAGE, Inc.

Private life

Michael Armand Hammer was married to Dru Ann Mobley. He exchanged his wedding vows with his ex-wife, Mobley, on January 12, 1985, in Tulsa. After marrying Mobley, he became a Christian. He was also a benefactor of several Christian organizations dedicated to evangelization. Michael ended his 27-year marriage to his wife in 2012.

Hammer and his ex-wife had two children, Armie and Viktor Hammer. His eldest son, Armie is an actor, and his youngest son, Viktor is a businessman. Michael had been battling cancer for a long time. The 67-year-old businessman sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer on Sunday November 20.

Michael’s youngest son, Armie, who is now a struggling drug addict, was at the center of several scandals around the time of his father’s death. According to the report, Michael had severed ties with his son, Armie and because of this he was seen selling timeshares at a resort in July 2022.

A close source said Armie worked at the station because he needed the money. Michael wasn’t helping her either. Armie also fell into controversy after a woman claimed the actor violently raped her. Because of this, he was questioned at the center of an LAPD investigation.

Michael also reportedly lived a checkered life and kept a sex dungeon at the Carpinteria-based Armand Hammer Foundation. Likewise, he was implicated in New York’s biggest art fraud scandals. According to reports, the late businessman had the twisted libido and mindset of a teenager.

Michael Armand Hammer net worth

Michael Armand Hammer’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million before his death on November 20, 2022. Hammer is said to have inherited a whopping fortune of $40 million from his late grandfather, Armand Hammer. Along with this, he also inherited two foundations and two art galleries. Michael and his family were featured in a Discovery+ docuseries, House of Hammer, which premiered September 2, 2022.

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