Meghan King once tried to date women to explore her sexuality!  – Married biography

Meghan King once tried to date women to explore her sexuality! – Married biography

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Meghan King once tried to date women to explore her sexuality!

Meghan King wanted to explore her sexuality. source: page 6

  • Meghan King has revealed she tried dating women after vowing to explore her sexuality.
  • King opened up about the experience of being with a woman on his podcast show.
  • The reality star said she spent three amazing days with a mystery woman.

Meghan King vowed to explore her sexuality

Meghan King has spoken about dating women in the past after promising to explore her sexuality earlier this year.

The 38-year-old reality star opened up about a great three-day date with a woman in New York after sharing the experience on her podcast “Intimate knowledge.”

She told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday,

“I opened up my dating app to women. We meet and I’ve never done this before and I thought of [women]”,

“Sometimes when I watch porn, I watch lesbian porn, but I never thought my desires were to be with a woman.”

THE Real Housewives of Orange County added,

Meghan King
Meghan enjoyed spending time with the woman. source: page 6

“I’m like, ‘What if there’s something there? What if I’m a lesbian? What if I’m bi?’ »

Meg went on to say that she once met a woman at a party and ended up staying in New York for three nights.

She recalled,

“The first night, the wife and I met at the Yale Club. So we go out, we go to bed, I’m like, ‘Is it fun or whatever’

King added,

“I don’t identify as bi and I had never, ever had any experience with a woman outside of a threesome and it had been many years. So I said to this woman, ‘I t’ like it and I hang out with you, and you’re beautiful and funny and sexy, but the thing is, I really like c—k and I can’t be in a monogamous relationship with a woman.’”

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Meghan’s past unsuccessful marriages

Meghan opened up about the past three months just after the reality star announced on her blog that she was going to live 2023 authentically and therefore hoped to explore her sexual needs.

Speaking of her past relationships, the RHOC alum had some terrible years after divorcing Jim Edmonds.

Since their split, the former couple has failed to agree on most things. They both criticize each other online and in the press.

They married in October 2014 and separated in May 2021. They are now co-parents to daughter Aspen, 6, and twins Hayes and Hart, 4.

Meghan King
King shares three children with her first husband. source: page 6

At this year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, King said:

“Jim had three separate mothers for his children, and we all went through the same kind of things,”

“So I’ll just let that speak for itself.”

Despite everything, Meghan failed to have a successful love life. In October 2021, she married Joe Biden’s nephew Coffee Owens. Unfortunately, their marriage was annulled a few months later.

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