Meet Erkki Papunen, the handsome husband of Annika Saarikko.  Family, Education

Meet Erkki Papunen, the handsome husband of Annika Saarikko. Family, Education

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Annika Virpi Irene Saarikko is a Finnish politician who has chaired Central Finland since September 2020. On June 6, 2019, she was appointed Minister of Science and Culture by Rinne’s government. Saarikko started her maternity leave and Hanna Kosonen was appointed to replace her on August 9, 2019. On August 6, 2020, Saarikko resumed her duties as Minister of Science and Culture. The Marin government appointed Saarikko as Minister of Finance on May 27, 2021. Visit this page to learn more about Annika Saarikko’s husband, family, education, weight and many more details:

Who is Annika Saarikko’s husband, Erkki Papunen? When did the couple get married? Children

She is a happily married woman with the love of her life and a wonderful mother to their children. She and her husband have been together for over a decade and have built a strong and loving relationship. They put their family first and enjoy spending quality time together. In February 2014, Saarikko married lawyer Erkki Papunen. Papunen, originally from the Demarita tribe, is a specialist in the Ministry of Finance. Finance Minister Annika Saarikko, 39, and her husband, Erkko Papunen42, said in an interview with Anna magazine that they split their young child’s time between two homes.

Husband of Annika Saarikko

Weekdays are spent in Espoo, while weekends are spent at a century-old farmhouse in Oripaa. Saarikko and Papunen stress the importance of their child’s well-being and say they have found a solution that works for their family. They also mention that they are grateful for the support they have received from family and friends during this time.

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Annika’s husband is an employee of the Ministry of Finance. The central minister’s spouse is a Democrat and he has been involved in social security reform, among other things. However, Annika says we discuss much more than politics at home. They have two children, Aarni, 8, and Kaarlo, 3.

A short biography: Saarikko’s age, parents, family, education, nationality

Annika Virpi Irene Saarikko was born on November 10, 1983 in Oripää, Finland. Currently, she is a stunning 39-year-old woman. She comes from a loving and caring family. Tapio Antero Saarikko and Marita Lahtonen are the proud parents of Saarikko. Saariko was 4 years old when her parents divorced. Saarikko mainly lived with her mother in Alastaro, but she also spent a lot of time on her father’s farm in Oripää. Annika is of Finnish nationality.

Finnish Finance Minister Annika Saarikko

She graduated from the University of Turku with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in philosophy (specialization in media studies). During her studies, she was actively involved in various extracurricular activities such as volunteering for a local NGO and organizing events for the student union.

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How tall is Finland’s Finance Minister Annika? Height, weight and social media presence

The politician is quite attractive and seductive. She is 1.68 tall meters and a weight of about 90 kg. Saarikko has a healthy body. The famous personality is stunning, gorgeous and pleasing to the eye, with short blonde hair, mesmerizing attractive eyes and a pleasant and cute smile. Currently, she is 39 years old.

Annika is quite active on social networks. She regularly posts updates on her daily life and interacts with her followers through comments and direct messages. Saarikko has 11,400 followers with 408 posts on Instagram and 38.6K Followers with 1,934 Tweets on Twitter. In addition, she has 12,000 subscribers, including 34 on Facebook.

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How and when did she begin her political career? Professional experience

Saarikko was elected Vice President of the Center Party on June 14, 2010. She was elected to the Finnish Parliament in the 2011 parliamentary elections. In 2015, Saarikko was appointed Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services. She has since been re-elected to the Finnish Parliament in the 2015 and 2019 parliamentary elections.

Saarikko was Minister of Family and Social Services between July 10, 2017 and June 6, 2019. She was appointed Minister of Science and Culture on June 6, 2019. From August 9, 2019 to August 2020, Hanna Kosonen held Saarikko’s position while she was on maternity leave. Saarikko then resumed his post. In September 2020, she was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Finland, a position traditionally held by the leader of the second coalition party. Saarikko became finance minister in May 2021.