McCurtain County officials heard in recorded racist rants

McCurtain County officials heard in recorded racist rants

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Left: Governor Kevin Stitt (R-Okla.) Right: McCurtain County (Okla.) Sheriff Kevin Clardy (via Facebook)

Oklahoma governor calls for resignation of county officials allegedly taped complaining that law enforcement can no longer ‘take a fucking black man and kick his ass’ and comparing burned body to victim of a fire at a ‘barbecue’.

Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) says McCurtain County Sheriff Kevin Clardy, County Commissioner Mark Jennings, Sheriff Investigator Alicia Manning and Jail Administrator Larry Hendrix must stand down after the tapes are released , taken by longtime local journalist Bruce Wellingham, The Associated Press reported. A transcript of the recordings, which includes links to the audio files, provided to the AP reportedly revealed the disturbing conversations between county officials after a county commissioner’s meeting was closed to the public on March 6.

Officials are apparently heard complaining that they cannot commit violence against black people without repercussions.

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