Mark Zuckerberg needs to worry, developers do not agree with his project

Mark Zuckerberg needs to worry, developers do not agree with his project

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News JVTech Mark Zuckerberg needs to worry, developers do not agree with his project

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Meta’s CEO is still facing reluctance about his most ambitious project yet. If we already knew that the metaverse was not expected by the majority of internet users, we now learn that the developers are not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​this 3D world, augmented with virtual reality.

Meta, formerly Facebook, continues work on its Metaverse project. However, the word still has not passed, especially among professionals …

According to a recent report titled “State of the Game Industry 2023”, a good portion of developers in the video game industry are still not convinced by the metaverse. Notably, nearly half of the developers surveyed believe the metaverse will not deliver on its promises. If 33% of them made this observation in 2022, today they are 45% who think so.

Several arguments support this position. First, most existing users cannot enjoy the optimal immersive experience due to lack of access to a VR headset. Indeed, due to its high cost, this type of equipment is still a little democratized. When we consider the iPhone’s current market share regardless of price, this barrier seems surmountable. However, this requires that the metaverse provide an engaging experience and interoperability may be the key.

Beyond this still-far-fetched notion, the work required to develop a massive universe seems pharaonic, as this developer reports:

“For many years, games have focused on core gameplay, graphical fidelity, networking, etc. What they haven’t focused on is creating interactive environments. Unfortunately for the VR industry, VR games have not been able to deliver an AAA equivalent experience. requires a dense environment with as few interactive objects as is practical. »

Despite recent progress, there is still a long way to go for the Metaverse to be considered a true revolution. It could also come from a giant other than Meta. Indeed, although the company is considered a 36% leader in VR with the Meta Quest headset, developers surveyed considered Epic Games and its game Fortnite the most legitimate to offer this type of experience.

Since the emergence of the term, the metaverse has been used all over the place, but it more or less defines an ultra-immersive universal digital universe in which Internet users can interact and perform many activities – in essence a mirror of reality.

This famous metaverse has become a darling of the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg, who took trouble a year ago to change Facebook’s name to Meta. Through this initiative, Meta’s CEO wants to significantly advance the development of a concept that is still in its infancy. Thus, he also introduced his first vision of the Metaverse with his application Horizon Worlds.

Mark Zuckerberg needs to worry, developers do not agree with his project

Yet, as we know, this first experience did not convince users who expected to see a digital world like the one promised in the media. Furthermore, a good portion still do not understand what the term metaverse means, as indicated by a recent study by GetApp.

Thus, it appears that there are still a few years of investment and research ahead for Metaverse to succeed in convincing developers – the first step before finally attracting users.