Marjorie Taylor Greene airs slanderous ad portraying Biden as a pedophile

Marjorie Taylor Greene airs slanderous ad portraying Biden as a pedophile

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QAnon Klan Mom, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is running malicious, hateful, shameful advertising that is slanderous in the extreme. Leslie Stahl should be ashamed for allowing this trash.

In her continuing twisted and bizarre efforts to brand the entire Democratic Party, including President Biden, as “trainers and pedophiles”, she has reached new heights of depravity.

The day after Leslie Stahl, CBS News and 60 Minutes destroyed their reputations by inviting Marge to their program, the Georgia congresswoman posted an attack ad on her Twitter feed calling President Biden a predator.

In the tweet, she wrote: “I repeat: the Democrats are the party of the pedophiles”. By the way, that’s libel, especially considering how many Republicans have been caught in the act of child pornography or accused and convicted of child molestation.

If there was ever a case where a president could sue another politician for defamation, it’s here.

In the Times v. Sullivan (1964) 376 US 254.) The Court held that the First Amendment protects newspapers even when they print false statements, as long as the newspapers do not act with “actual malice”.

But this case was tried against the media and not against another member of Congress.

Marge’s announcement is “malicious” in the first degree. It’s as slanderous as it is hateful and disgusting.

Rep. Greene took a series of music videos out of context, stitched them together, added some menacing music, and shouted “Pedophiles!” at the top of his lungs.

You can see announcement here.

As Fran notes in her tweet, the clip she twisted was of then-candidate Biden cheering on a boy who stuttered, just like Biden. It’s a despicable yet typical Republican tactic. Instill fear in voters with malicious lies. They’ve been doing it for decades.

Twitter users weren’t amused by his Q-stunt.

Pedophilia does not belong to one party. It’s a bipartisan issue that needs to be addressed, but Marge just called all Democrat pedophiles without offering any evidence. The authorities should check his browser history. She thinks too much about pedophilia.