María Chacón in a leather ensemble sports a look and steals sighs in the networks

The beautiful Mexican actress Maria Chacon has once again fallen in love with her millions of fans on various networks, leaving more than one of the users on Instagram with a square eye, a place where she continuously shares photos.

This Friday he set the network on fire with some images in which he showed himself in a very fashionable outfit. orient oneself For this spring, taking advantage of the heat, she chose to go out on the street in very cheeky shorts, which highlighted her later charm.

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It should be noted that this trend was also applied influencers and models like Yanet García, Karely Ruiz, to name a few, however, of all of them, Chacón managed to crown herself as the queen of trends and of course gave a lecture on how to wear an outfit hot for this season.

This is how the 31-year-old actress unveiled a compilation of her favorite moments of the week, where she appears with a outfit in black, which consists of black faux leather shorts and a jacket in the same material, to finish she wore high boots, enhancing her look even more.

On the other hand, another outfit that left her fans stunned, is a light black blouse with long sleeves, micro checkered shorts, which she combined perfectly with white socks, which exposed her pronounced thighs, and her stylized legs, which left more than one sigh.

It is important to mention that the young artist already accumulates millions of followers on social networks, where they support her with comments and reactions, when the girl shares intimate aspects and her professional career.

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