Malala went to the Oscars but forgot to take a fake accent with her

Malala went to the Oscars but forgot to take a fake accent with her

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CARACHI: On Sunday, Malala Yousafzai attended the 95th Academy Awards and lived her best life in a stunning Ralph Lauren dress and met some of Hollywood’s biggest names. While the activist received a warm reception overseas, people at home had a lot to say about her Oscar debut. Some people especially had a problem with Malala’s accent, which, by the way, was quite natural for a South Asian. While some trolls took to Twitter to poke fun at her desi accent, many of her followers were quick to defend Malala and praise her Oscar appearance.

Zunaira Inam Khan was one of many who took to Twitter to wonder what was wrong with Malala and her accent on the white carpet at the Oscars. She rightly pointed out that the criticism against Malala was not just elitist but a product of colonialism.

Nadia Jamil was quick to defend Malala, calling her a “heroine” and a “brave beautiful young woman”. She also reminded trolls why Malala is seen as a role model.

Some have pointed out that having an American or British accent does not make anyone superior.

Others pointed out how natural the Nobel laureate was.

Needless to say, there was no room for trolls against Malala and her Oscar debut.